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Just read something and now my heart is pounding….. its racing….

Why didn’t I see that before? How could I have not!


Awwwww Mazzzz

Something pretty funny happened at work yesterday!!

I was on lunch with 3 other work mates/people [LOL] and I can’t remember what we were talking about but me, Asha and Iain ended up talking about Anne Frank and then Mazz says:

“Isn’t Anne Frank one of Henry VIII’s wives??”

We looked and each other and just have to burst out laughing!!! It was a ‘Rukshana’ moment!!!!

Henry and Crepe

Went Westfield on thursday for no reason at all….. takes me about 30minutes to get there by train. Met my sister [after she finished uni] at Clapham Junction and went from there, we pretty much only went Westfield for a walk about LOL. Went into a store called REDS and saw a mini Henry vacuum!! It took one look and I bought it…. yes an impluse by >__<

Mini Henry

Mini Henry

Was pretty excited… but when I got home and opened it up I noticed the batteries go into the ‘lid’ the top half of Henry (the black bit) but the hose bit is connected to the bottom half (red bit) and thought ‘how is it gonna work!!!’

Then I took off the lid and pushed the open button and it you can hear the vacuuming sounds…. but its just the lid….. HOW IS IT GONNA VACUUM!!! (I hope I do make sense to you) Well its pants I’m going to return it!!!!

The only good thing about going to Westfield was I had a Crepe for Crepe Affaire!!! It was yummy! I had the Bananalious with Buttersotch emmmmmmmm


A Day in The Park

Sunday 22nd March (yes mothers day)

Had the day off work, was going to take my mummy out 飲茶, 吃點心 but mummy said ‘NO’ when I told her a few days earlier LOL Instead I just gave her money and she bought some seafood to cook for dinner.

Prior to that, since it was my day off I spent part of the day at the park with a few friends (male friends that is), who wanted a kick about and I? just wanted some fresh air and to laze about. So if I’m out with the boys (Sel does not kick about) all I need are these:

Just another picture of the boys having their kick about and some sort of game they were also playing along with it!

A Friend’s New Journey

Ok looking back at some of my posts I just noticed that in one of my private posts, I had also mentioned about a friend who was going go be leaving the country for work purposes [not that it was suppose to be a private matter, I just happened to write about it with other stuff I’d rather keep to myself.]

So heres the part that I wrote about my friend:

A friend who I have known for number of years is about to leave the country [a new work post based in Singapore] and in the last 2 months [before his departure], we’ve kept in contact more that usual [he was a friend that I didn’t alway spoke to i suppose you could put it that way]. Maybe it was because he was leaving soon? but it really made me think why didn’t we? Cause those last months chatting to him on a regular basis was pretty cool, I realised that we were good friends [he was a bit of a tease though]….. Weird don’t you think? I think this time although he may be in another country I’ll keep in touch more often than when we were both in the same country LOL

I wish him the best with his new journey in life x

[Just a photo of us, I quite like this photo]


I have a really big fat smile on my face!


Ok just to let you know the title of this blog has pretty much nothing to do with the blog contents!!! LOL

I’ve got the weekend off and I don’t feel like doing anything (I’ll probably go out tonight though), its a lazy day for me. My eyes feel tired too, not sleepy tired though.

My little brother, little cousin and some neighbors are playing outside, they seem to be having so much fun!! I want to join them!!! But I’m too OLD LOL Well according to Ka Ho I don’t look old (I’m 22) but I FEEL OLD!!! LOL