A Friend’s New Journey

Ok looking back at some of my posts I just noticed that in one of my private posts, I had also mentioned about a friend who was going go be leaving the country for work purposes [not that it was suppose to be a private matter, I just happened to write about it with other stuff I’d rather keep to myself.]

So heres the part that I wrote about my friend:

A friend who I have known for number of years is about to leave the country [a new work post based in Singapore] and in the last 2 months [before his departure], we’ve kept in contact more that usual [he was a friend that I didn’t alway spoke to i suppose you could put it that way]. Maybe it was because he was leaving soon? but it really made me think why didn’t we? Cause those last months chatting to him on a regular basis was pretty cool, I realised that we were good friends [he was a bit of a tease though]….. Weird don’t you think? I think this time although he may be in another country I’ll keep in touch more often than when we were both in the same country LOL

I wish him the best with his new journey in life x

[Just a photo of us, I quite like this photo]


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