A Day in The Park

Sunday 22nd March (yes mothers day)

Had the day off work, was going to take my mummy out 飲茶, 吃點心 but mummy said ‘NO’ when I told her a few days earlier LOL Instead I just gave her money and she bought some seafood to cook for dinner.

Prior to that, since it was my day off I spent part of the day at the park with a few friends (male friends that is), who wanted a kick about and I? just wanted some fresh air and to laze about. So if I’m out with the boys (Sel does not kick about) all I need are these:

Just another picture of the boys having their kick about and some sort of game they were also playing along with it!


2 responses to “A Day in The Park

  • Helen

    Hey Sel just thought I’d check out your blog!
    This is the third attempt now, previous attempts I’ve missed out one of the above fields, hit the back button on the browser, and the message was gone, noooooo!
    LOL. Hmm.. anyway…
    Ooh I’ve read that Wind up bird chronicle book, pretty weird but good, made me cringe in some parts – not due to cheesiness but in a ‘ewww, noooo, horror – cringe’ way.
    Haha. You managed to find that Natsuo Kirino book you were after then?
    Cute bag btw 🙂

    Helen x

  • Helen

    Probably as bad as me, I’ve had so many blog site accounts, lol but no WordPress account actually! Anyway the weekend is almost here, hope you have a good one! x

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