113 Cella the Place Where Will Always Gets Drunk

Its a Saturday night [28th] and I’m heading towards 113 Cella in Chancery Lane, I’m heading towards there because my friend William is celebrating his 23rd birthday (celebrating it very very late). I bumped into a few people I knew along the way (they had just came from 113), just did a quick catch up, by the time I got outside 113;  I can see some of my friends having  ‘talk’ with the bouncer LOL The manager was outside as well! I’m thinking ‘WTH happened!’ Well it was just a misunderstanding in the end. Got a room and blah blah blah Sel again ended up singing most of her songs! [yes I got the SEL MAN so selfish just singing your songs! I’m sorry but I put them in and waited for it, not my fault you don’t wanna sing chinese songs!]

This is how you sing 海闊天空!!

There was also this really drunk dude at 113 as well and I dunno how it happened but som of the guy befriended him andhe came into our room and it was just a laugh though he was a bit weird…. He was really drunk! Giving some of my [male] friends kisses on the cheeks and etc!


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