HelloKitty: The Box of Pills

A few weeks ago at work my workmate showed me some of her daily medication pills and vitamins and etc….

Don’t be fooled by the Hello Kitty box….. I too thought there would be sweets inside!! But this is what I found…..


There was I think about 5-6-7 different pills!! When I saw it my eyes just widened…


Now back to today’s randomness!! Got up about about half 10 this morning so I could go swimming at my gym…. I tend to go around this time because there will be not many people using the pool [I hate when there are too many people there as you have to watch where you swim >.<].

Had a nice swim, was in the pool for about 40-45mins did about 20 lengths, felt like I hadn’t swam in ages (it was only a week though). Went back home and my younger sister was in a mood ¬____¬ Gosh I hate it when shes in a mood because she has a twisted way of thinking, she thinks everyone is out to get her and she has to act the fool or be over protective of herself even with family. I know its due to what happened to her as a kid and she blames me but I can’t take the blame for that, I was young too and hadn’t developed the way I think now back then.


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