Meetings, Gossip and Sunshine!!

1.30pm was the timing of the meeting, well it was more of a training for our interim stocktake [which will take place next month, if I remember correctly]. I decided to go to my workplace first to meet up with one of the floor managers [she was going with me to the meeting], the wait for the bus to 365 was quite long, probably longer than the ride there!! LOL

There was nothing I hadn’t heard before in the meeting [well maybe a few points] so it was fairly boring, lasted about an hour which was good!! I had only gone to the meeting because the full-time admin girl said she will be on holiday when the interim stocktake takes place and asked if I could go and I agreed as I assumed I would have to do the usual admin stuff that comes along with stock take [it would be my first time as I’ve not done admin for that long]. By the end of the meeting I had found out that the full-time admin girl WOULD be there for the interim stocktake!!! SO I DIDN’T HAVE TO GO!!! ARRRGGGG But in going I found out that the SM of OXFC [I’m using code names LOL] (who is married with kids) is having an AF with the ASM!!!! WOAH LOL.

Auhhh what a nice sunny day today!! I’m in a pretty good mood too, going to take my little brother to watch Monsters Vs Aliens later too!! Wooooo can’t wait!



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