Misunderstandings, Resentment and Remorse

Checked my email today and I had gotten an email yesterday from an Ex…. I thought to myself hm…. whats this, the last time I got an email from him was during christmas and that was just saying ‘Merry Christmas’

Opened it up and half was in chinese and half in english, which was a little weird. So it started with the english just the usual chit chat asking how I’ve been and this and that [NOTE: something you might need to know about the ex, went out for about 7/8months offically then he went back to HK when he graduated as he had a job there waiting for him].  Then he said theres some things he wants to say but feels it would come out better if it was chinese and then the chinese came in.

It was quite a surprising email, things I never knew or knew he felt before and after he left. I suppose it was an apologetic remorseful email, but then again I got into it knowing the outcome just never knew it led to where it did, a shame really cause like what he said in the email it may have went somewhere given the situation was different or maybe if he [and I] was more determined. Gave up too easily I suppose.

Oh its all coming back to me!!! hahahahahaha Nuh I’m joking I read that email with a sense of relief I suppose, and I got the sense it maybe the last email I’ll get from him.


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