Blood, Sweat and Police

It was around half 7pm, quarter to 8 that my mummy asked if I wanted to go Sainsbury with her, I could tell she wanted to go but since my dad didn’t want to go, she  asked me and my younger sister. My sister said no straight away but I said ok [I had kinda wanted to go buy fruit anyway]. So we hopped into the car and off we went. As we were driving into the car park we heard some screams and shouting, looked across and saw this kid [in his teens] on the floor being beaten up by a bunch of black kids and a male adult. I said to my mum ‘call the police!’ and someone in the passenger side of the car next to us jumped out to stop the fight and he called the police. As we drove past we saw the male adult with a blooded bruised and swollen face, but the kid who managed to get away [thanks to the guy who helped out], his face was worse! He went into Sainsbury to use the toilet, then the police came and took the kid [and his friend] with them.

As we left Sainsbury we noticed that where the fight took it had been blocked off and a policeman was there ‘looking after?’ it?


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