Wink Wink Smile Smile

My day started off quite early, got into work for 8am and did everything pretty quickly…. maybe its because I was finishing at 12 and just wanted to do everything!

[HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry for interrupting the blog but I just got a call from the S.M at my store and as he was locking the store after closing his key snapped!!! So half the key is stuck in the lock!!!]

After I finished I headed off into the direction of China Town [London], I was gonna take out my siblings for 點心[dim sum] and then some shopping! Ok first of all I wasn’t really wearing anything that was that low cut but if you know me, my tops aren’t exactly turtle necks lol, I was wearing a dress in fact….. but according to my sister the dress made my lady assets  look generously larger ¬______¬ So the waiters and waitresses had an eye or two…. though that I’m kinda used to [cause the usual is a look or two] but the waitresses…. its like they’ve never seen female assets before!!! So yes I was pretty much like ‘gosh all these eyes lurking around’. So when it came to asking for the bill one of the waitress starting to chat to me [all in canto], noticing my phone charms, she saying it was cute and asking if I made it myself and what this one was, what that one was [I have some NANA charms] and blah blah. When I told her I had bought the voodoo charm she was like oh you should make it instead!! You can make me one too [smile smile, weird smile]. When she left my sister said ‘she was blatantly hitting on you!! Me…. O________o

Back to the rest of my day… spent quite a bit on my two little brothers, buying them clothes and books and this and that… I also fell in love with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses!! I’m so going to get it!!! Heres a little picture!


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