Raving It Up At TSQ

Friday night and friends decided they wanted to go clubbing, they just wanted to dance!! For some reason it was settled on what I call Dry Square [Thai Square] I hadn’t been since New Years Eve [Thats a completely different story of how we ended up there] and I was quite sceptical about it but then again its about the company you’re with.

Vay, Eric and I had gone to Sports cafe first had a very drinks and two shots each before heading to the club to meet peter. Got in around 12/12.30ish and surprisingly the music was really good!!! Played some good House/Techno stuff [which I love raving to]. I was just about to go toilet and then I heard a familiar beat….. IT WAS THE INTRO TO BIG BANG’S LAST FAREWELL!!! I was thinking noooo it can’t be….. BUT OH YES IT WAS!!!!! I was like WICKEDDDDD, was so excited!! [probably more than anyone else in the club]. A few others of my friends joined us and we just raved it up till the end!

[NOTE pics will come later I’m pretty tired atm!]

P.S I just laughed so hard!!! Coughing and all sorts now lol

Here are some pictures I promised!

Some of the guys and Sel. The Guys minus Chee  Ching, Eric and Lisa    At the end of the Night!! Eric and Peter I have no idea what they are doing!!!


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