Bored, Tired and Slight Sleepy

Its feels like I’ve not blogged in a while…. [don’t know if you guys reading (if anyone is reading lol) have noticed but I do not blog on a weekend, well thats because I work most weekends and then I tend to go out after so no time to blog]

Worked a few extra days this week as we were short on management staff closing the store [or you could say the SM doesn’t like to close alone LOL]. Managing the ladieswear floor for a few days was not bad but I don’t think I could ever do it full-time, every once in a while doesn’t seem too bad [then again its all the basic stuff]. Let me re-phrase that I DO NOT EVER OR INTEND TO SETTLE INTO THAT PATH!!! It made me miss being on the shop floor, cracking jokes with the staff and just chatting with those other than management LOL

The weather has been FANTASTIC this week!! Its so sunny and warm but not too hot, just the way I like!! But I hate the fact that I have bad eye sight!! If I want to wear sunglasses in goes the contacts and after 8 or 9 hours wearing them my eyes go dry >__< plus the tire my eyes, but what can I do? [yes I know laser, but I don’t plan to do that yet, maybe in a year or two]

I’ve taken some new pictures the other day [yes me being quite vain, though I suppose I have nothing to be vain about >.<] In this particular picture I quite like my eyes! Mind you my eyes are my favourite part of the body [well some times I also think ‘hey my lips look quite nice today as well]


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