This blog is based on what I did on friday…. Well more like what I cooked for dinner.

My parents went to a friend’s BBQ on friday meaning dinner would not be served, so as usual I cooked. I hate getting take out or fast food as a replacement just because my mummy is not here to cook!!!! I thought ‘hm… what can I make that I can bring to work the next day as well’ [yes I hate buying lunch when at work… such a waste of money!!]. I decided to make Hanbaagus!!! [a Japanese hamburger].

Went out to quickly buy the mince, as there wasn’t any at home, but when I got to the supermarket there was only one box of beef mince left!!! I wanted two boxes! So I just got a box of pork mince too LOL Decided to just mix the two meats. Also bought some lettuce, red cabbage, red pepper and some other stuff from the green grocers [a lot cheaper than at the supermarket and it makes so much more!!]

Got home and around 6pm I started to cook…. By about 7.20 dinner was served!! I had my hanbaagu with salad though my siblings had it with chips ¬_____¬

Heres a lovely pic!

Another picture with sauce! The Hanbaagu looks a bit dry in the above picture LOL


Its a Chunou Sauce with mushrooms and a swirl of Japanese Mayo!! hm….. Like it but too much of the Mayo is not good for you!!!


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