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2NE1 2nd Performance

Above is a clip of 2NE1’s second performance on SBS’s Inkigayo.

As usual I have posted a comment on it and as usual I’m expecting some thumbs down and some users trying to retaliate my opinion, they always do. What don’t people understand? An opinion is an opinion. You can say all that you want to me but I will hit back with a good response [if I was easily swayed then my original opinion wasn’t very defined].

Ok back to what I actually think:

This was a much better performance than their debut as there were no mic problems and members at least sung ALL their parts. The debut performance a member or two [sanadara mainly] sung bits and pieces and it sounded really patchy [horrible infact].

Sandara Park for this performance at least sung the whole of her part and they tuned down the backing [so it meant she had to sing or you could really tell if she didn’t]. The question is Was she any good? My answer….. No she wasn’t good, it was like she was talking… but badly.

CL GREAT as usual, very good choice as the leader. Minji I like too, shes got this vibe to her that I like. Park Bom shes actually so much more better than what shes singing her… the parts shes given in the song doesn’t do her justice.


Seven Days Till Its Good-Bye

This time next week, I’ll be surrounded by almost every single family member on my father’s side.

Some I’ve seen just the day before, some I’ve not seen in a few months, some I’ve not seen in years and some I’ve probably never met or do not remember meeting before.

We’ll all sit together, talk about the past, talk about the future, talk [gossip] about other people and end it off with a big meal.

This is something I didn’t expect to experience so soon and something do not intended to go through again any time soon.

Questions Questions Questions

Don’t you just hate it people ask too many questions? The one I’m hating at the moment is ‘Are you ok?’

I know I know people just care but I hate that questions because the answer is so so clear or obvious. *sighsssss*

Looking out through my window now, and its started to rain after some very very lovely weather the past few days!! I really do hope that its all sun and clear skies next week…. it has to be!

Just The Same

With all thats happened, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy just so I don’t think too much [to be honest I know it doesn’t help but as human we do this automatically], but as soon as I get some time for it someone mentions it…. No it just doesn’t get any easier.

I’m one of those people who don’t like to show their weak side to others, I like to keep big things to myself, I like to cope/or try to figure it out on my own. Its probably so much easier to just talk about it but I just don’t want to.

Been advoiding that place, if I could then I would advoid going there…. its too sad, not being able to see what I usually do when I’m there.

[sorry if its not really making much sense, there are things I still don’t want to actually write about]

Smile Laugh and Be Happy

Been told to smile, laugh and act as normal but I just can’t do it. Everything goes as normal if I’m at home, on the computer and basically just doing things I would normally do…. until the phone rings or any mention or it then it all comes flooding back.


Just want to thanks Ray Ray for listening to what I had to say, I feel a lot easier after telling someone.

Too Many ‘If I had Known’

Life has a funny way of doing things, its not a game. If it is, it’s a game with very harsh rules. Life could be giving you hope but the very next second it could rip it to pieces.

There are too many ‘If I had known’s at the moment, things I would have done so much differently had I known but thats the thing with Life, you just never know.

[I won’t be blogging as much for some time, I don’t know when I will be back regularly]

Stalker Mode Pt.2!!

I’d give almost anything to be in Paris RIGHT NOW! [Ok not right now but a few days ago]. Why you might ask, well remember my previous ‘Stalker Mode’ blog? Well that member from a popular idol group in South Korea [its Kwon Ji-Yong aka G-Dragon from Big Bang if you didn’t get the hints from my previous blog] and his friend [Yang Seung Ho] were in Paris visiting Seung Ho’s friend, and that happened to be South Korean born Model DAUL KIM or Kim Daul [as it is in S.Korea].

I suppose you can say my stalking methods are now all cyber >.<