The 1:10 preivew came out!



Ok so the video above is the 50 something second preview of 2NE1’s debut digital single. For those who don’t know 2NE1 is the new female group from korean entertainment company YG [they bought us 1TYM, Jinusean, Se7en, Big Bang and etc]. Big Bang brings out the fan girl in me big time! So I took notice when YG said they were going to bring in some new female artists [specifically Kim May Doni, who ended up leaving YG before debuting].

I’m liking the sound of their debut song already and I sure it will be a hit. I just had hoped that when the rumor of a 5th member was around that it was true as I think they need another vocalist. Park Bom is good but I’m not so sure about Sandara Park and Minji singing…. they’re probably good but nothing wow. If only May Doni hadn’t left YG, she would for sure had been lead vocals [though I do think its a shame to waste her in a group, but the korean music industry, its hard to make it as a young soloist].

Credit: serpatine, elaisvip, cookieMuncher, saintpolar @ YGS21. Sub Credit: TheYGsecret


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