My Dad Can Be Cute

Ok so originally I was going to post about something else, but I think I’ll make that post public tomorrow when things are more stable and confirmed, instead this is what happened yesterday.

It was my dad, my mum and myself at ‘a place’ [can’t let you know otherwise you’ll know what the post that I’m going to make public tomorrow about] and this is a rough translation of the conversation my dad had with my mum.

NOTE: They were talking in Cantonese

Dad: (to my mum) Hey I can turn off my phone!!!

Mum: ¬___¬ (with that kind of look on her face) What do you mean you can turn it off?

Dad: Look!! (shows my mum as he turns the phone off)

Mum: Your phone is almost broke and now you know how to turn it of!!!!!

Dad: You do it then!! Bet you don’t know (my dad was betting on who is next to fill up the car’s petrol tank)!! Bet you don’t even know where the button is!!

Mum: ¬_____¬ (gives my dad a cold stare)

Dad: Look the button is here! Its turning off!!!

I’m just watching and giggling to myself!!! At the time I thought AWWWWWW dad’s cute!! LOL


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