2NE1 2nd Performance

Above is a clip of 2NE1’s second performance on SBS’s Inkigayo.

As usual I have posted a comment on it and as usual I’m expecting some thumbs down and some users trying to retaliate my opinion, they always do. What don’t people understand? An opinion is an opinion. You can say all that you want to me but I will hit back with a good response [if I was easily swayed then my original opinion wasn’t very defined].

Ok back to what I actually think:

This was a much better performance than their debut as there were no mic problems and members at least sung ALL their parts. The debut performance a member or two [sanadara mainly] sung bits and pieces and it sounded really patchy [horrible infact].

Sandara Park for this performance at least sung the whole of her part and they tuned down the backing [so it meant she had to sing or you could really tell if she didn’t]. The question is Was she any good? My answer….. No she wasn’t good, it was like she was talking… but badly.

CL GREAT as usual, very good choice as the leader. Minji I like too, shes got this vibe to her that I like. Park Bom shes actually so much more better than what shes singing her… the parts shes given in the song doesn’t do her justice.


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