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張棟樑 Nicholas Teo

His New MV 沉默的瞬間 The Moment Of Silence

Quite like the song, I’ve always been somewhat of a fan since his debut a few years ago! I’ve also got the new album but I’ve yet to give it a listen, probably will give a brief review or an opinion of it along with a few other albums!! ^____^



Still Alive…..

Hey guys!!!!

Just a quick post, I’m still alive and hopefully will be posting more often like before.

I’m somewhat back to my normal self [if I’m honest to get back to how I really was will take a lot more time].

Recently I’ve been finding it hard to fall asleep without thinking too much, I suppose thats just me in general…. Though I may not always look it, I’m a thinker.

hm……………… Right now I’m thinking about how I’ll get to work tomorrow….. I start work at 10am but my local train station is closed -due to station works being done- and the nearest tube station [victoria line] is suspended until 9.30am [I’ll have to leave at 9am]!!! arrrgggggg


When I needed you more than ever, you were always some where  far away.

I could not stretch out my hand and find you there next to me.

Always in My Heart : 永遠在我心中

There are no goodbyes because where ever you may go, you will always be in my heart.

爺爺, 我永遠愛和記住你!!

你的孫女 雪盈