SW19 is the Place to BE!!

Like every year around this time [well for as far as I can remember], I’ve been at home watching Wimbledon. If you don’t know what it is, I have this to ask ‘WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!!!’. Wimbledon is one for the four Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments, it is the only one that is played on grass courts and has a uniform code [all white]. It is also the oldest tennis tournament and considered the most prestigious, every year for two week [late june/early july] it is held at the All English Club.

Enough of the quick education talk, Wimbledon is the only tennis tournament I watch… maybe thats because I live in England and its always shown on BBC1, its just a lot easier for me to watch plus its played on grass courts and tennis doesn’t feel like tennis unless its on grass.

I enjoy watching Men’s tennis a lot more!!!  Unless if its the Williams sisters [by that I mean Venus or Serena]. I absolutely love watching Roger Federer play!!! Its like so flowyyyyy, so elegant!! My sister on the other hand disagrees and prefers to watch womens tennis, she says men’s tennis is too slow, that I do agree to some extent…. maybe thats why I love watching R.Federer, he is so elegant in his game!!!

So back to what I wanted to say, on thursday 2nd July rather than stay at home I went to Westfield shopping centre with my mummy and younger sister, it was a nice shopping trip, the three of us hadn’t done that in some time so it was nice! Unlike when my sister and I were younger, just following out mother shopping, this time it was the three of us shopping. Of course its not like we hadn’t shopped before but its usually just my mother and I, my sister doesn’t like leaving the house lol Like I said it was just the three of us shoppping, eating lunch then a coffee and off home we went. Though the highlight of the day had nothing to do with shopping but yes you’ve guessed it tennis. My sister and I knew it was the women’s semi finals and it stayed in our minds, as the outcome could lead to another all Williams final and that I would love to watch again (there has been 3 all Williams final at Wimbledon)!!.

So we were just walking round on the first floor and we happened to pass the Sky stand (you know the Sky subcribtions stand) and there were a few people looking at the screen, I was wondering ‘what are they looking at?’ I got closer and closer and I could finally see what they were looking at….. WIMBLEDON!!! They were showing the match!!! It was start of the third set which meant both Elena Dementieva  and  Serena Williams had a set. It was the final set, the deciding set!!! Serena didn’t look on form and made some mistakes she shouldn’t have and Elena was pretty much on FIRE!!!

We tried to walk away but we just wouldn’t keep away!!! So my sister andI (including my mother) just stood there walking the rest of the match!!! LOL The crowd grew bigger…. it was exciting!! So in the end Serena Williams won, and it meant an ALL WILLIAMS final!! YAY! A repeat of last year but will Venus will again? and defend her title?


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