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Almost Had An Heart Attack!!

I swear the first time I ever heard about this news was TODAY!!!! I read it and couldn’t stop coughing and it led to me almost having a heart attack!!!

I had read this:


I LOVEEEEEEE the manga one of my favorites!! Then it gets turnt into a live-action but whats worse is that they pick such crap and not goot looking people to be in it!!! Ok so I don’t really know who the girl is so i’m not going to comment on her.

Calvin and Aaron from Fahrenheit [taiwan idol group] as the male LEADS!! You have got to be kidding me!!!!! Thats what made me going into a coughing fit and almost have an heart attack!!!

Calvin is no way near enough cool or good looking [I know I know thats quite a shallow comment] to play ‘Daiya’.

Aaron ok he somewhat looks he could play ‘Ichi’ but he isn’t cool enough either!!  He hasn’t got that cold edge to play Ichi.

Also both are incredibly crap actors!!! They’re not good at singing but worse at acting!!!

ARRRRGGGGGG I SO HATE IT!!!! I know it was be a crap drama!!! Don’t say that crap about you shouldn’t judge before you’ve watched it!!! TRUST ME I’m good at these things!!! When it comes out and you think its good its only because you were a fan of Fahrenheit and you’re deluded by fangirl-ism LOL

You could say the same about me disliking them before hand but I’m quite unbiased [well I like to think that I am].



Made In China!!

So I know things that are Made in China generally doesn’t have a good reputation but this….. come on SERIOUSLY!!!

I’ve had my Sony Ericsson phone for about 2+years now, and apart from the few scratches on the screen not much else. Now though my phone looks like its a FAKE LOL You know then really good imitations, just with out the real brand name logo on it!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

You see that Sony Ericsson Logo thats just above the number pad????

THE LOGO HAS FALLEN OFF!!!! My phone now looks like a fake!!! LOL Like a really good imitation!!!


BEG Move OVER!! DEG is Coming!!!!

Time2sub just subbed 2PM & 2AM’s version of Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra!!!!

Its so GREASY!!!!! I really expected Jo Kwon to do Ga In’s sexy dance….. then again it would have just been wrong I tell you WRONG!!! LOL


Function Maths? => f(x)

No I’m not going to post a mathematical blog but f(x) is the name of a new girl group by SM.

Its a five member group consisting of members: Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Luna and Sulli, one member is Chinese [Victoria] and one member is the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD [Krystal].

With the influxof girl groups debuting this year, SM thought they’ll add another. Well I suppose its not fair to throw in SNSD, since they’ve been around since 2007 and its really not fair to the new girl groups hahaha [what I’m trying to say is that SNSD are trying to fight with the newbies as they have no one else to fight with].

f(x)seems more womanly sexy than the cute pedo sexy that SNSDis, then again knowing SM their concept can change just like that. This group reminds me of SM’s other girl group, the one banished to Japan, 天上智喜 CSJH and for some reason reminds me of Sugar [another kpop girlgroup] as well.

hm…. Can SM handle two girl groups at he same time without favoring one of the other? I’m not so sure about. You can argue about Shinee and DBSK but thats because DBSK was over in Japan a LOT and looks what happened now, DBSK will no longer exist!!

I still think 2NE1 are going to sweep the end of year awards for the newbies


Khalil’s Timeless Pieces

I know I’ve said I’ll be posting my reviews on Nicholas Teo & Tank’s new albums, but I was listening [still am listening to it] to Khalil Fong’s new albumso I thought I might as well do it now. My reviews are generally wishy washy though hahahahaha

This I believe is the sixth album, well I’m not sure you can say its a sixth album as its more like a special? a compilation? anyhow its a new album.

The album is called ‘Timeless’ and its full of covers that traces musical inspirations, its songs that he grew up listening to and songs that encouraged and influenced him to become who he is today. He always had the plan to release a cover album ever since he debuted in 2005 and now was the time for it.

The album consist of ten songs, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and even Spanish.

01. You Are The Sunshine of My Life feat. 黃韻玲 (O.S. Stevie Wonder)
02. Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You (O.S. Glenn Medeiros)
03. Bad (O.S. Michael Jackson)
04. Kwang Chiu 狂潮 (O.S. 關菊英SusannaKwan)
05. La Bamba (O.S. Ritchie Valens)
06. Red Bean 紅豆 (O.S. 王菲 Faye Wang)
07. Georgia on My Mind (O.S. Ray Charles)
08. Remember 記得 (O.S. 張惠妹Amei Chang)
09. Wonderful Tonight (O.S. Eric Clapton)
10. Moon River (O.S. Andy William)

Looking that the track list, he really does have a good sense of music doesn’t he?

Its a lovely album, he rearranged all the songs and made it his own without losing the originality of the song. I particularly his version of Faye Wong 王菲’s Red Bean 紅豆, Glenn Medeiro’s Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You and Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight. The originals of these songs I really like anyway and Khalil’s version did not let the songs down.

Also I think [please correct me if I’m wrong] its the first time he has actually recorded a song in Cantonese right? As in put a Cantonese song on his album?

I give the album a 9.5/10 => a must listen. Why not 10/10? I can’t be that biased!! LOL



Milow’s version of the hit song Ayo Technology by 50 Cent featuring Justin Timberlake.

Milow’s version is simply AWESOME!!!!! Makes me like the song sooo much more!!! My type of music!!! Check it out!

Milow is a Belgian singer-songwriter, who is more well known in Europe, getting number in countries such as Belgium, Netherland, Sweden and etc Oh he sings in english so check out his stuff!!


Solitaire EPIC FAIL!!!

My sister as usual was playing Solitaire on her laptop while doing other things and she suddenly let out some sort of wail. Saying “家姐! 家姐! Look look!!!” She unplugged her laptop and showed it to me…..

All I saw was the Solitaire game thinking nothing special about it then she pointed out at the Aces….. O____o

She had four Aces at the top right already, but she must have clicked for the next card in the deck and what was it… an ACE!!! She had two Ace of Clubs!!! The Aces of clubes wouldn’t budge!! She couldn’t win or even play on if she couldn’t put the Ace of Diamonds up the top!! XD