Another Year, Another Birthday pt.1

I turn another year older the other day, and this year I really couldn’t be bothered to celebrate it but ended up going to Vodka Revolution Bar in Clapham on Saturday night. It turned out quite good, I had fun, my friends had fun [I’m assuming they did lol] then we left and went to a Chi Nights party at Vauxhall.

Which was alright, got most of my friends in, compliments of Stephen. Saw some people I hadn’t seen for some time in there. So Munkii [a friend’s nickname], he bought me a bday drink and said some really nice things, was like awwww thats so nice! I think it was only because he was drunk but it moved me ^___^ Saw Tan and I swear he just keeps looking younger and younger for a middle-ages man [looked like he was in his teens] hahahahahaha

Prior to it, I spent the day with other friends who couldn’t make it, Asha, Pitak and Elton. You guys are lovely!!

First off, Happy Birthday Elton!!! We share the same birthday. Elton is like my little brother, I’m so mean to him only because I care ^___^ He wrote me a lovely card!!! Well I thought it was LOVELY!!! Love you too Elton!! xx



As well as the lovely card Elton also got me a book and a gift card!!! Though the book is a male homosexual tale LOL

Pitak also gave me two rings and a mirror LOL



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