The One Where… Jay Flew Away


Look what you stupid Netizens have done!!! You made Jaebeom go back to America!!

Just to refresh:

Jaebeom leader of korean idol group 2PM [under JYP Ent] went under immense scrutiny almost a week ago for comments he had made on myspace in 2005-2007. He had once written ‘korea is gay’ and ‘I hate korea’ and it was these two comments that caused and apparent up roar in Korea.

Since then he has apologised with explainations, 2PM’s activities were cancelled, their comeback delayed and Jaebeom replaced on an up-coming variety show.

Still that wasn’t enough these stupid brainless korean netizens decided to start a petition entitled “Jaebeom Should Commit Suicide” …… WHAT THE FCUK!!!! Seriously do these people have nothing better to do?? What is worse is that the petition has had 3000+ people sign it!!!

Korea as a country I am interested in due to the culture [I suppose it started when I found out Chinese words were used until the 19th & 20th century] and I suppose you could say I follow kpop and its dramas and variety shows but the fans and the netizens makes me despise the country a little. It makes the Koreans seem like even though the country in technology is ahead but the people and how they live/think is still very behind the times [possibly some 20 years]

Now now don’t get all offended.

I do not think Jay should have quit or leave at all!! He was young, he was in a completely foreign place [yes I know he is korean but do you think he would say his first language is korean?], the people didn’t accept him, he didn’t know how to communicate with anyone…… let me ask you How would you feel???




3 responses to “The One Where… Jay Flew Away

  • yeji

    this is way to low for them to let him leave the group and leave korea.
    I can’t believe he is gone. I miss him already. I want him to come back.
    The JYP didn’t do anything about him leaving. They didn’t even hold on to him or let him stay. I was just shocked about what JYP Producer said on the fancafe. So shocking. well i hope that later in the future if he comes back the group and JYP would let him back on the team. 2pm is nothing without Jaebeom oppa. The netizens are getting out of control. They should haven’t read his profile in the beginning it was a personal letter that was with him and his friend. I think that the Netizens are going way out of hand. This is really low to tell a singer to leave the group and leave korea. I feel bad for him. I will support him and i will all my best to make him come back. I miss him.

    2pm fighting.
    Jaebeom fighting.

    Plese come back.
    we need you.

    • aboundlesslimit

      I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! When JYP finally came out and said something, I felt so disappointed in what he said. He hardly said anything about the actual situation that caused Jay to leave. What I mean by that is not the whole ‘myspace comments’ but the real reason, the netizens.

  • Kelli Garner

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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