The One Where….Dara Fans Are A Disgrace to 2NE1

Yes you read right, I think [I’m not saying all of you Dara fans] but a number of Sandara Park’s fans are a disgrace to 2NE1 and even Dara herself.

I’m a lurker on youtube and I find it fascinating  when I see how users on youtube get very defensive when there are other users who post negative comments about Dara. I’ve noticed there are always 2 or 3 users that is constantly posting comments which contain how weak of a member Dara is in 2NE1.

I agree, I think Dara is the weakest member of the group and that she is only really there because she is pretty and she has a variety show personality. She is the member that can talk and answer questions. I agree when I see comments such as: ‘she is not very good at singing live, her range isn’t good’ and etc.

The majority of Dara’s fans will probably read a negative comment and think ‘oh well this person disagrees so what’, but there are a number of fans who will respond to another user’s negative opinion with some personal comments. It’s like they cannot take criticism, but it’s not even aimed at them.

These Dara fan users start calling those negative commenter names and what not. It really gives those negative commenter the upper hand as they always reply in a civil manner, if anything with politeness. Then these Dara fans will always come back with a rather unintelligent and un-thought through comment or argument [whichever you prefer].

I read them and as much as I would like to disagree with the negative commenter, I can’t help but want to defend them as these Dara fans are really digging themselves a grave and only givning themselves [as Dara fans and even 2NE1 fans] a bad name.

To point out, I often notice a certain user on youtube who has negative comments of Dara but is actually a huge 2NE1 fan, being called a anti or a basher just because of the Dara negative comments. I like to ask the question: What makes you think that user is a anti? Is it because of a little negative comment? I would say its constructive criticism because that user has high expectations of 2NE1 and maybe feels that Dara somewhat lets them down.

Well this is my point of view but I do have one thing to say:




22 responses to “The One Where….Dara Fans Are A Disgrace to 2NE1

  • khiella

    yeah i i agree!!sometimes that negative comments for just to make her do more..i admit i say nge comments for dara,bit im a 2ne1 fan just want to tell improve…and huhu i got the word SHUt up..B**ch as a reply..

    • aboundlesslimit

      It is scary how fans can become isn’t it? Thats why I titled this post that way, sometimes I feel ashamed to be a fan because there are those who only want to hear what they want and nothing else.

  • pace13

    OMG! thats sad to read with all the negative comments about Dara.
    as for me, Dara is not bad at all she is good in acting and the singing career well, we cant say shes the very best or got the vocal, but damn she improved a lot. I think those people who post nega comments are probably from PHIL, just jealous much of her, bleh! and hell how come those guys said it, some other groups most of them are bad in singing or worst than her.

    • aboundlesslimit

      Your comment just is borderline of those Dara fans I’m talking about. You are quick to just to the conclusion that those who give negative comments are jealous. I know it sounds like I’m defending those who write negative comments but sometimes it feels to me that people aren’t actually reading what they are writing probably and just jump to the conclusion they are ‘jealous’ or they are just hating. Some of those negative commenter have openly stated they have nothing to be jealous about.

      I suppose there are those who just target Dara but there are those who are 2NE1 fans and just strive for her to do better hence the heavy criticism.

      • pace13

        I know “Jealous” is not the right words to say but rather irritating. And dont you think its also too much, people writes nega comments are just out of borderline too. I myself finds it immature and tiring. and yeah some are concerns and some are not, just like to bash.
        but please get over it, Dara and 2ne1 are’nt perfect if people want them to be the best why not tell that to the YG ent. why not just be happy for her and to the groups success.
        this is a reply to the “nega comments”. and to the author I respect your article and I hope you also respect my thoughts about it. I’ve got nothing to say. I love the group 2ne1.

        • aboundlesslimit

          I completely respect your thoughts and in most ways I think they same. I suppose you are always going to get fans who are over-protective and those who are just out there in spite.

    • cecil

      gosh!! how can you be sure its from the phil who posted those negative comments about sandara park???? FYI, she became a household name in our country…. she’s so famous and we all love her!!! we are proud of what she is right now… have proof before you post anything…liers go to hell…..

    • christine

      i respect ur opinion, but the only problem i have with ur comment is the fact that you single out Filipinos as the “jealous” haters and bashers. That’s generalizing and a bit unfair. Everyone’s got their own groups of rabid fans and “jealous” haters. I’m from the Phil and i love dara and 2ne1. I do understand she’s not the best vocalist in the group or the best dancers but i happen to love her personality. She’s a great actress and though not at par with other members’ vocal chops, she brings something else to the table and make the sound of 2ne1’s music unique. SO i think it’s a bit unfair when people say she’s just there “only because she’s pretty”. So i think those who criticize should also give a bit of credit to the girl. God knows she’s the most hardworking there and she knows her weaknesses. That, in itself, is admirable and has got to count for something. As “fans”, we should recognize that and just be supportive to all, and if we do have to criticize, let’s all at least be sensitive about how we choose our words.

    • tripz

      i respect your opinion but the only problem i have with your comments is that you single out Filipinos as the “jealous” haters and bashers. I think that’s generalizing and a bit unfair. I’m from the Phil and i love dara and 2ne1. I am aware that there are some rabid fans there and some really harsh and “jealous” people out there but every country has their own groups of those, not just us “jealous” Filipinos. Be careful how you choose your words.

      As to the author, i also respect your opinion as well. However, i must admit that i do have a soft spot for dara. I will defend here this time, but i will do it civilly and in an intellectual manner (i’m not one of those rabid fans and i can take criticism and quite realistic about it)… i agree dara is not the best vocals and not the best dancers, but i feel hurt (for dara) sometimes when people say she’s only there “cos she’s pretty” and she “lets 2ne1 down”. That, too, is unfair. We have to realize that she brings something to the table that the other girls do not. It might not be her singing but she offers a lot to the group. we should just trust that YG knew what he was doing when he brought dara into the group. and GOD KNOWS the girl is honest about her weaknesses and she is the most hardworking in the group. That has got to count for something, doesn’t it?

  • Hiro

    I agree! there are some who is not that polite.
    But really a can’t blame them if they are hurt for their idol!
    If they are really one!!!
    Well!!! for me 2NE1 is a bit lucky for Dara!
    Because Dara “their weakest link” is unbreakable!
    And definitely a famous one!

  • Hiro

    First of all I’m a of 2NE1 specially Dara fan!
    But I agree, I also think she’s “Dara” the weakest of the four!
    and there are fan’s that are not so polite on their comment’s on those “anti Dara”.
    But I actually can’t blame them if they really feel bad for their idol.
    If they are really a fan!!!?
    Well! for me I do think that 2NE1 are fortunate for having Dara!
    Because Dara “their weakest link” is definitely unbreakable!!!
    and absolutely famous!!!

  • jhayell

    well i gues thats showbiz, you can’t please anybody, i am a filipino, and i know sanara’s history she start from a scratch really but looking back from where she came from i think she did a pretty good job of coming out of her shell and perform, but i guess you’re right there’s a difference between inborn and not talented at all and i guess those criticism can help her a lot to be more productive a strive harder, there’s always a room for learning, of she dont want to be forgotten again i guess she have to be always at her best,,,

    anyway whats the fuzz, i am a fan of CL so holler!

    for me CL is the best!

  • 2ne1

    A fact is a fact. Dara lends a girly tone to the group but that’s it. 2ne1 would be nothing without the powerhouse vocals of Bom & Minzy and most of all, CL’s talent. I hate to say this but as much as I love “I Don’t Care”, I can’t stand Dara’s part, her cutesy vocal seems especially grating after Minzy’s part. The people at YG knows this so they autotuned so much of Kiss and insert a little CL to give it some personality. Still, she tries hard, u can tell. She deosnt have range but at least she doesnt go off-key.

  • christine

    I agree with the reader that there are a lot of disrespectful and defensive dara fans. I’m not one of them rabid fans =) but i do have a soft spot for the girl mainly because everyone’s been critical of her lately. Some are even very harsh towards her. While i do agree that she needs to improve and that she’s not the best in the group, i feel hurt (for dara) when i read comments that she’s only there coz she’s pretty and she let’s 2ne1 down. She does have a variety personality but contrary to what some opinions, i actually think it’s a good thing for 2ne1. It endears a lot of casual listeners to the girls and gives much needed publicity as well. No matter what people’s opinions are, that counts a lot in showbiz. Now i trust YG knows what they’re doing and has the best interest for 2ne1, so they must have seen something that dara brings to the table.

    Not to defend the “rabid dara fans” who can’t take criticism but i think the reason why they get so defensive–i think–is because it seems to them that dara’s being singled out most of the time. And you see the girl trying and improving and it’s seems never to be enough for most. You have to give the girl some credit as well. Give your criticism but be fair about it. Let’s not always look at the bad and look at the good that’s coming out of dara’s presence in 2ne1…coz, whether we like it or not, she IS a MEMBER of 2ne1 (ain’t nothing we can do about it) and when we “2ne1 FANS” bring down one of our own, aren’t we somewhat doing a disservice to 2ne1 as a whole? we’re just giving the REAL ANTI’s AMMO against our girls. So… spread love people, not hate.

  • christine

    sorry for the typos and grammar =) .. i didn’t proof read or spell check. and sorry for saying so much.

  • christine

    as an additional note, there’s a lot of members of other idol girl groups who are any better than dara in singing but i don’t think they get as much heat for it than dara. and to think a lot of the heat is coming from within 2ne1’s “fans”. So let’s think about that… maybe we’ll understand better why and how some fans get irrationally defensive about dara.

    sorry.. i couldn’t help adding that. I really really have a soft spot for her. Hope you don’t get all this wrong, i’m not mad at all and i made sure i replied in a civil and intellectual manner.

    • christine

      AGH >>> i meant to say “there’s a lot of other idol girl groups who ARE NOT any better than dara in singing…” SORRY for that.

  • tripz

    when dara goes to variety shows and gets publicity for whatever it is she’s doing, don’t you think it’s 2ne1, as a whole, that reaps the benefits? … instead of being critical, i think we should be saying thank you to dara. The truth is, each member is a representative of 2ne1. when spotlight’s on one, it’s marketing for the whole group. Marketing is important people–that’s what dara brings to the table. At least she’s honest about her faults and works hard to PLEASE YOU.. at least she’s not some arrogant witch who’s full of herself. She’s actually quite down-to-earth.

    Anyways, i respect your opinion. =)

  • tripz

    Whatever may be our opinion about dara, the fact is SHE IS A MEMBER of the group. as an insight into why (at least, i think) people get really defensive when it comes to dara is because it seems she’s being singled out most of the time. Like you said, if it’s constructive criticism then it’s okay but let’s at least be sensitive when choosing the words we choose. When u say stuff like “she’s only in the group coz she’s pretty”, it belies your intentions. Instead of being supportive (constructive criticism), it’s actually quite divisive and a bit harsh. Don’t you think when we “fans” put down a member of the group, we’re doing a disservice to the group? the other members happen to love dara, do we want to kick her out coz she’s letting them down?… Instead looking at bad stuff all the time, why don’t we focus on good stuff. Dara’s improved a lot, she’s cool, she’s absolutely nice, she’s a good actress… she works so hard and it’s never enough. Why don’t we fans leave the harsh criticism to the REAL ANTI’s… cos when we say stuff like those abovementioned, we’re just giving the anti’s ammos against our girls.

  • tripz

    as an additional note, there are so many other girl idol groups who are not any better than dara in singing, but they don’t get as much heat for it than dara. And to think half of the critics are so-called “2ne1 fans”… so maybe we should think about that. That’s probably why there’s so many defensive dara fans (who get carried away and get disrespectful)… coz as a dara fan myself, when there’s a show and they perform good and you feel happy for them (all of them) and you suddenly read stuff like this.. even if its just critical of dara, it takes away from the success of 2ne1 as a group, that’s how i feel. It’s a major downer.

  • tripz

    and you say you’re a 2ne1 fan. maybe you’re narrow-minded yourself.

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