Going Insane……. Well Not Really

Haven’t blogged in a while because I have been really really really busy with work, been getting quite a bit of overtime, well I love. I don’t mind what I do, I like the people [well most] that I work with, so its all good.

I’m going on holiday in just over a weeks time with friends and everything is all booked up, flights and hotels BUT…… well we had wanted to go for thailand for around 2nights and 3days, but just looking through our schedule it would be a tight squeeze and thought it would be better if we didn’t go as it would not be worth going for only 1night. Problem is that our hotel in Hong Kong [we’re going to China+Hong Kong] is booked a two nights short of our stay now. Couldn’t extend it as the hotel had no more rooms, so most [with the exception of one] had decided to stay the remaining two nights in a hostel instead of finding another hotel. Well since it was I, myself who booked the hotel, I had let everyone know that we were unable to stay in the same place for the remaining two nights and had also said I would check out some hostels but I didn’t expect it to mean I was now solely responsible for finding us a hostel. To be honest I don’t mind, what I mind is that I get no feedback, I put out suggestions but nothing comes back, I don’t even know if they’ve looked at the email I sent. I send texts and get no reply, I now feel what you felt, I feel your pain, of course to a lesser degree. Luckily I didn’t treat you that way did I, so I can’t really say ‘what comes around goes around’.

Anyhow I think I’ve found a really lovely place to stay [hope you want to join us too], lets hope a get feedback from this otheriwse I’ve just going to book it!!!!!! I MEAN IT!!!!

Below are just some pictures of the place…. quite nice isn’t it?







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