Flying Away…

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO after months of planning [yea right], I’m flying out on holiday today!!! I haven’t been on holiday for a year or two now…. but this is a trip I need, its been an eventful year and I just need a break.

Though I not might sure if it will be a ‘break’, this holiday can just be as eventful O___o, considering all thats happened before the holiday.

My suitcase is still opening, I’m still somewhat deciding what to take and what not to, its like I want to bring enough clothes but then I don’t because I may want to buy out there, but that wasn’t the plan. Well so far I’ve packed 6sets of outfits, should be enough for the 18 days I’m gone right? You know mix and match it…. HAHAHAHAHA Sounds a little trampy, but I don’t think I care LOL

My mum wants me to bring her home a karaoke machine, typical isn’t it? We have 3 karaoke machines already…… yet she wants another, I do admit the ones we have at the moment aren’t that good and the one she wants me to get looks pretty good. Auh well I’ll see, as I’m not going to go out of my way to get it.

Ok I’m going to go now, need to put some more songs on my mp3 and finish packing ^____^

Blog soon x



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