Utada Hikaru London Gig SOLD OUT!!!!! O_____o

Upon hearing that Utada Hikaru will have a London date among her tour dates, I was pretty much excited as well as surprised!! The tour is predominately in America and then you have the random gig in London!!! Of course the first thing I said was “I’m THERE” [as in I’ll be there], I wasn’t going to miss it!! I love Utada [yes I abuse the word love quite a bit don’t I?] I’ve been a fan of hers for a long long time, back from when ‘First Love’ came out from the Drama [it was an OST], yes I was still pretty young then and didn’t understand a single word in the song but I liked the melody.

It will be weird seeing a hugely popular asian artist speak in perfect english [yes I know she was born in america], as you kind of expect artist big in asia to speak in broken english LOL

Though she’ll be playing her english stuff I really do hope she adds a few japanese classics in to the tracklist for the gig!

Feburary 12th 2012…. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Oh I forgot to say the gig SOLD OUT!!!! I’m actually really really surprised!!! The gig wasn’t really promoted and it was really only online blogs and communities that knew of the London gig!!! WOOOOOO Well I have my ticket!!




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