Living an Illusion

Been watching 富貴門 – Born Rich and 郭可盈 – Kenix Kwok’s character Angie is you know a madwoman LOL

Well she is a woman [the character that is] who has been greatly affected by love, she has fallen in love and then dumped by love. It was something she just couldn’t get over and it kind of drove her a little loony, then she created an illusion that in her mind everything was ok, the way she wanted it to be. If she could have at least that everything will be fine.

What I want to talk about isn’t an illusion about a love relationship but an illusion in general, whether it’s about a relationship, work life, studies or anything else.

How many of us [I would probably say a lot] would create an illusion in our minds of what we would prefer to happen, or what we want reality to be.

I know that I have on numerous occasions ‘thought’ about what if this had happened or if it was this. Not to avoid reality but just out of curiosity, I think everyone has these moments and of course what our minds think will always have a good ending.

So is living an illusion in your mind really that bad? I suppose it isn’t only if you KNOW that is only an illusion, and what is the real reality. There should be no harm right? of course but then how many of us can actually do that? I think there are more of us out there that can’t separate the two, as our illusions are so perfect that you just want if to be real.

To end [I know I brought up quite a strong topic and just ended it] I think our minds is one of the scariest things in this world. Not the scariest as that is Money [I will come on to that later].


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