Too Many Choices

I have always planned to go aboard to teach english for a year or so, especially with te economy doing so bad, I’m finding it really hard to find a full-time job. So initially I thought, “hey this is perfect I go away for a year come back and hopefully the economy will be better and the year I was away that could help me make my CV standout a little.

As nature would have its way, things just never worked out like the way I planned or would have liked it to be. The year of 2008/2009 was not a very nice one, all it takes is one very important thing to happen and everything is changed.

I suppose all I had to do was just delay my plans, but now may get the full-time job I had been looking for….. not my ideal job but something to start me off. What should I do? Still do what I have always wanted to? Which is go aboard and teach english. Or look at the long-term effect and start my career.

If you was to ask do I have a special interest in teaching english I would say no, but by going aboard It would give me the opportunity to live aboard, in a completely foreign country and experience a completely different culture to what I am used to. Rather than a career enhancing path this is a lifetime opportunity and life enhancing path.

So what should I do?


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