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Festive Celebrations

You’ve probably read it or heard it like a million times already but….


Merry Christmas!!!!!


I wish all my readers Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoy the meal today!!! Whether its Turkey, Hot Pot, Lobster or etc. Whether you are at or having a big family gathering or just with your family or even with friends, I hope you have loads of fun!

I will be spend Christmas day with family on my father’s side this year [it’s normally with my mum’s family], it has been an eventful year [on my father’s side] and its nice to spend this day together, not that we celebrate christmas but its a guarnteed day off for everyone.

So one last time Merry Christmas!! x


Bitter…. I Feel Bitter!

As you all may know from a previous post, I had mentioned that I was about to go full-time, but what I didn’t mention was the process, well here I will tell you.

Currently I do 16hrs a week [weekends] admin for a retail company, I have been doing it for about a year now [was previously a sales advisor for the same company for just over 3years] and about a month ago a full-time admin manager position for a brand new store [that will be opening in spring 2010] came about and I went for it. I had gotten comfy in my current role and was actually seeking for more [or I was going to go aboard], so it was pretty much perfect timing. BUT… but then came another role exactly the same as the one I had applied for, but it was in my current store and the title was for admin manager it was just admin sales [which is really stupid! because I’m getting paid the same!], I went for it as well.

Anyways the interview for the ‘new store’ went really really well!!! I know I had impressed them, admins in my store do a lot more than the admins in the other westend stores and I’m just a weekender [normally weekend admins just do the basic/the usual but no I can do loads!]. They had told me it’ll be at least two weeks before I find out if I was successful or not as they had another person to interview.

The very next day I had a rather informal interview with my current store manager and a floor manager, they know me, they know how I work and from what they had been hinting, they wanted me. So it was pretty much a piece of cake. The main thing for me about the role in my current store was money, I had suspected that one of the reasons that they store manager that changed the title of the role/job was because he wanted to pay less and as I know the most ‘admin’ can get is £££ in my store I was going to ask for that straight away, originally I had set a lower target but with the competition of the other store I was going to ask for the max.

Two days after the interview at my store, I got a call from the store manager saying the other interviewee was not successful and that I will be offered the role and how I felt. Of course I said I was happy and that there were details to iron out before any acceptances took place [money!], he said he will call me when he finds out with the higher ups about how much he can offer me. Five minutes later he called back and offered me the amount I was going to ask for, basically the highest amount admin can get in my store, I was surprised that I didn’t even have to ask for it. I thought about it for a bit and accepted the offer [though if I am honest I regretted it as soon as I did]. Reasons for my accepting it was because it is a store I know well, I know the staff, I know how the store works/runs, but regrets were that the other on, the new store excited me and it would be a new enviroment.

 Whats done is done, but nothing officially [or so I thought] had been done yet, so two days ago when I got a call from work, from a work mate of mine, saying the lady that interviewed me for the new store called and asked for my number, I got a little excited!!! My work mate also thinks she is going to offer me the role as she had slyly asked my work mate if my current store offered me the position or not. So now I’m really excited…..

So when I finally speak to the lady she tells me that I……………………… didn’t get the job ¬____________¬ GUTTED!!!! I felt so gutted when I heard those words [of course she didn’t say those exact words]. Before I could ask if there was any particular reason as to why, she said I was really really good in the interview and that I had really impressed them but I had only lost out to another admin manager who had been doing the role for three years!!! I asked if that was the only factor in me losing, she replied with something along the lines of : yes it was really only the experience the other girl had over you as you both admin wise can do the same things.

I just felt bitter with that answer!!! Its one of those answers where you don’t know where to improve on for next time, they’re tell me I only lost out on experience and everything else was great!!! Its like all those rejection letters you get from jobs you have applied for saying you was not successful because you didn’t have enough experience!!!!!! But this one gave me the interview gave me that little ray of hope only to tell me NO! ¬____¬ I felt bitter!!!!

So I went on a shopping spree [that same day] and spent loads of money!!!! Felt slightly better.

BORED…. -_-

Its a Saturday night and I’m sitting infront of my computer bored as hell. Seriously I have nothing to do!!! Nothing to watch, nothing to play, nothing to read [well I could probably find something but I’m in the state where it has to interest me], nothing…. NADA!!! >___<

I’ve got 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 [a Taiwan variety show] playing on in the background but I’m not really paying attention to it *sighs*

Oh before I go, big things are possibly about to explored at my work place. Seriously there is so much crap going on that I’m now really starting to have second thoughts if I really want to start my full-time career there….. *sighs* oh dear oh dear, well we shall see how things end up. As its always seems like its a big thing in the planning but in the end *^$%£”% always finds a way to escape.

The One Where I Lose My Weekdays

After years of just being a part-timer, a part-time sales advisor, a student, an unemployed graduate, I am now about to embark on the road of being a full-time salary worker. I’ve been a weekend part-time for the last 6/7years [yea I started working pretty early on], and I’ve gotten so used to having weekdays free. I love shopping on weekdays as there isn’t as much people around but now I’ll have to do my shopping on weekends when all the other salary workers are free as well as the school/college/uni kids!! ARRRGGGGGG

Ideally I didn’t want to become one so soon, I had [and still plan to one day] work aboard [had planned to teach english in a foreign country]. I haven’t forgotten about it but I’ve just delayed it or I suppose you can say I’ve decided to follow my head rather than my heart and do the right thing in times of recession and clung on to an opportunity when it came. I’ve been looking for a full-time salary job since I graduated [for about a year now] but I’ve had no luck [a few interviews but nothing further].

I had originally planned to go for the teaching aboard program during mid spring/start of summer, but a turn of events prevented me and I felt that I shouldn’t go for it again for a least another year, and that year still wouldn’t come to an end for another six months. So now that a good opportunity has come I saw no realistic reason as to why I shouldn’t go for it or reject it.

Well I suppose now we shall see how the year 2010 plans out to be and what will be there for me in 2011.

Pari-Shanghai: A Fantasy

I’ve just watched the CHANEL [mini] Movie by Karl Lagerfeld and this is to pretty much slag it off LOL.

First off why does Coco Chanel [yes I know it’s not the real one] speak in a perfect british accent? I sure Coco Chanel couldn’t [yes I know she could speak english].

It’s like it’s about Coco Chanel’s trip to China [Shanghai], and first she visits a house. Why are there two westerners playing chinese? I’m not trying to be politically correct but there are asian models [the two westerners are models] who can actually play the part. If you look their make-up its done to give you the stereotypical asian look [slit eyes, the eyebrows]. Whats worse was that they [well the female] spoke english in a british accent….. yea WTF and then they spoke in mandarin…… CRAZY!

More crazy stuff happens like she meets the emperor and etc

Coco Chanel has never been to China, and at the end you realise that it was all a dream. So its like they are trying to show you what China will be like [fashion wise] if Coco Chanel had visited.

I’m sorry but did they not do their homework before making this film? China is not a country that a lone woman can influence, even if it’s just about fashion. Yes she made a big impact in the western world, but this is China you’re talking about and especially in the early stages of the Communist taking over.

What a stupid film.

After School vs T-ara Pt.1: After School

I suppose they aren’t really going against each other as After School has already started to perform, then again I’m expect T-ara to start performing this week.

After School and T-ara’s come back MVs were released not too long ago and then it was followed by a single [from After School] and an album [from T-ara].

After School’s title single is a song called “너 때문에 Because Of You” and at first listen I loved it. Having already released singles like ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ [produced by the Brave Brothers] I was expecting something else along those lines. ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ were never really (in my eyes) good songs, they were catchy songs but they still lacked something. They were just songs to get them noticed, with half of the group in their late 20s/early 30s and half in their early 20s I suppose it was kind of hard to find something for the group to do.

With ‘Ah’ they tried the sexy route, and with ‘Diva’ they did the more cutesy look [I reckon Diva was only there because of the introduction of UEE, shes pretty young, I know beckha is young but she does carry with her that young vibe, she doesn’t ‘use’ like UEE does]. ‘Because of You’ to me is a song that finds that balance, you can’t go wrong with a RnB ballad.

With the introduction of two new members, Nana and Raina [So-Young left the group], I was eager to see how well they could sing [In my eyes only Jung Ah could sing really well, Ga-hee isn’t bad but she is better at rapping]. Nana she looks and sounds like your typical squeaky japanese girl. Raina on the other hand, can sing and she is pretty good from what I have heard so far. She helps Jung Ah lighten the burden [Jung Ah has pretty much had to do all the singing bits or support when it’s not ‘her’ part], but in ‘Because of You’ it’s like Raina got all the singing bits now LOL.

‘Because of You’ is another track done by The Brave Brothers [I’m starting to think if he/they are working for Pledis now] and I’m really surprised you don’t get many songs like this for them, it’s very good. Its a catchy song but not catchy in a cheesy pop way, catchy in a good way. Lets hope they get the success this song deserves.

credit: AfterSchoolCraze

The MV would have been pretty good if they didn’t add in the little homosexual love. That just made the MV a little weird. They should have just stuck to the simple male/female relationship gone bad.