BORED…. -_-

Its a Saturday night and I’m sitting infront of my computer bored as hell. Seriously I have nothing to do!!! Nothing to watch, nothing to play, nothing to read [well I could probably find something but I’m in the state where it has to interest me], nothing…. NADA!!! >___<

I’ve got 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 [a Taiwan variety show] playing on in the background but I’m not really paying attention to it *sighs*

Oh before I go, big things are possibly about to explored at my work place. Seriously there is so much crap going on that I’m now really starting to have second thoughts if I really want to start my full-time career there….. *sighs* oh dear oh dear, well we shall see how things end up. As its always seems like its a big thing in the planning but in the end *^$%£”% always finds a way to escape.


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