Usually I don’t really have dreams [it’s either that or I don’t remember] but when I do, I do remember them though. Like last night for instance, I had a few dreams…. or should I say a few scenarios.

1) I was on my way to buy bread and had bumped into a quite few people and we were just chatting, can’t be sure who I bumped into the faces were a blur [either that or I don’t remember].

2) I was a member of the production team for 下一站,幸福 Autumn’s Concerto [taiwanese idol drama], and we were filming the scene where  梁小樂 [played by child actor 小小彬] was chasing the car of 任光晞 [for those who have watched the drama I’m sure you’ll know what scene I’m on about!] and I was crying my eyes out!!!

3) I was running down a block/flight or stairs, and my friend Mister Pang was either chasing me or we were racing LOL [he is the only face I remember, that was someone I knew in real life], this whole segment of the dream I was talking in chinese though….

4) and finally I was just floating and loads of scenes just flashed in front of me, like I was watching TV or something…..

So that concludes what I dreamt last night.

Oh I now have a lovely Blackberry 9700!!!! I will be able to blog a lot more now [on the go], so its likely there will be more short posts but more posts overall!! ^____^


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