Catch Up With Some Dinner

After months of planning, a date was finally set and agreed upon. No it wasn’t a big event just a dinner with some old school friends. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Well it wasn’t, there was never a good time as some of us were either broke or it was a timing issue. Some could do weekends while others couldn’t.
Well all that matters now was that it happened.
We ended up going to a restaurant called Palm Court Brasserie in Covent Garden [I had up that suggestion on the table as I had vouchers for it]. I had been there once before with other friends just before the new year and had a nice time. This time, didn’t disappoint either. The food was just as nice, and the atmosphere was great, but – suppose that was largely due to the company I was with.
We just chatted away, it was great!! Talking about old school times, it felt as though it had just happened the day before but it was actually quite a few years ago. Oh how time just flies.
I hope our next meet up doesn’t take as long as the last one.


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