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Is This Closure?

I had actually written quite a bit for a post I had intended to put up [entitled Is It Fate Or Merely A Coincidence?]but I have now made it all private.

I saw something last night and I had decided not to post up what I had written, not yet anyway.

Hearing something is bad enough but seeing it is completely different. Its a lot worse, more than what I can handle (I now realise). This is what happens when assumptions are made but the reality is different.


Is It Fate Or Merely A Coincidence?

Yesterday I was at work looking at all the holidays (days off) I’ve taken and the ones I’ve booked so far. The company starts a new holiday year on 1st April so I wanted to make sure I’ve taken or booked all the hours I have left before it ( I don’t want to give the company any of my hours left!!) finishes at the end of march.

As always I never give the company anything I always take all my holidays. Then I started to look at the ones I’ve booked off in the next couple of months and I’ve come to realise I have booked off a whole week in #.+@*#, when a particular visit will be taking place. I promise you I had booked this week off in early January and had no idea of the visit taking place until two weeks ago.

My friend is convinced its fate but me being a pessimist, or someone who doesn’t think about fate so much, and will just pass it off as a coincidence.

I think I’m

Until Next Time

A friend of mine has recently come back to the UK after being away for 11months, when I say ‘come back’, I meant as a break/holiday. He is now based in Singapore due to work.
On his first night back we (friend, his cousin, his brother and myself) went clubbing and it was an enjoyable night. Loads of drinks included which is always good (well as long you don’t over do it).

Well for me the night (or day) to remember was when we went for dinner, it was lovely, just enjoyable. I can you tell now, that I like to walk, if I have the time and where I want to go is in walking distance then I would walk. So if you were to ever ask me ‘Do you think we can walk to ****?’, then my answer is most likely going to be YES WE CAN! [this mainly applies to places in central London, as stations are actually so close by then you might as well walk it].

So that day my friend and I, started in Oxford Circus, then walked to Piccadilly Circus and from there walked to Knightsbridge. Told you I can walk….. especially with good company, makes the walking less noticable. Didn’t walk back into the west end, took the tube instead LOL We went for coffee had a good chat, and then it came to deciding to eat ¬_______¬ I hate making those kinds of decisions as I’m not really a fussy eater, as long as its not junk food I should be fine. We both weren’t really hungry so I suppose it made the decision a little harder. But my friend already had a place in mind ¬___¬ he just didn’t want to say it!!! He wanted me to suggest it, why? I have no idea [weird right?]. So he said ‘japanese?’ and I suggested the Okonomiyaki [japanese style savory pancake] place we had gone to 11months ago [before he left the UK] and it was actually the place he had in mind, he just thought if he said japanese then I would suggest it……. well that did happen >_____<

Well I hope he did enjoy his two weeks back, and that he doesn’t miss whats in the UK too much as it will always be here.

Until Next Time.

[note: I have noticed that I don’t really like ending my blogs/post properly….. don’t know why, I just do it.]


O Oh I’m In Trouble!!


Happy Birthday!!!!

So I’m out for my friend birthday, and he has decided to do or should I say his girlfriend has decided to do is karaoke! I’m a typical chinese and I love karaoke!!! Absolutely love it!!!! I tend to sing a lot of chinese songs too! I dunno why but I just like it! Here is a picture of the birthday boy!! He isn’t as wasted as we would like it to be.

Don’t Do It

Things done on impulse is never good!!! My body is fuelled with alcohol and I feel like writing but I know I will regret.


I just wanna shout out:


I’m quite an open book to read when it comes to certain situations and now I feel like something has changed well on my side at least.

I really want to write but god knows who will read this!! hahahaha a private blog perhaps….