Bus Journey From The Stone Ages

My route home from work is usually a tube to Victoria and then the overground train to my local train station. But today was different, got to Victoria station with a good ten minutes before my train departs (yes I know my train times, you kind of have to when you live in london). I’m now looking at the departure board to see if the train has arrived yet, one problem: I don’t see my train up on the board!!! I look for the next one…. not there…. I look for another train service (it goes to a train station somewhat near where I live)….. not there!!!!

I’m now thinking “what the hell has happened!!!!”, then I see a tiny little sign on the departure board saying [something along the lines of] “Due to signalling and power problems at C???? S?????ern Services may be delayed or cancelled”

¬___________________¬ <—– my face! So I had to go back to Victoria tube station and get te tube back to my nearest tube station, and from there its another 15-20mins bus ride back home!!!!

Oh only highlight of the journey home was (yes the title of this post) Fred Flintstone on the same bus!! LOL Well when I got on the bus I couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and find a seat, so I just stood downstairs by the exit doors. 5-10mins into the bus journey a dude in a Fred Flintstone costume gets off the bus!!!! I was like WTFFFF


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