Waiting,waiting and waiting!!!

I’m in a super good mood today!! No reason why, I just am!!!! Its not just today its been all week!! Enjoyed work this week, think its been the first time since I went full time that I’ve enjoyed it!!!
Its not because I did nothing. I actually did loads!! It was just smooth, no hassle from the ppl above, I was just left alone to work! To do my thing!!! Auhhhhhh what a great week.
Anyways back to the title of this blog! I decided I wanted to go out and party tonight because I’m in a super good mood!! But I seem to have left for the part a bit too early!!! The friend I went with ditched me as soon as we got out of the station!!! He forgot his ID so he went back home to get it!!! I could have just got him a random one but he ran down the escalators before I could tell me nnot to go!!!!
So here I am in the club just waiting for him -___- gosh thank god I know someone (kaho) otherwise I’ll look like a lemon!!!


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