Is It Fate Or Merely A Coincidence?

Yesterday I was at work looking at all the holidays (days off) I’ve taken and the ones I’ve booked so far. The company starts a new holiday year on 1st April so I wanted to make sure I’ve taken or booked all the hours I have left before it ( I don’t want to give the company any of my hours left!!) finishes at the end of march.

As always I never give the company anything I always take all my holidays. Then I started to look at the ones I’ve booked off in the next couple of months and I’ve come to realise I have booked off a whole week in #.+@*#, when a particular visit will be taking place. I promise you I had booked this week off in early January and had no idea of the visit taking place until two weeks ago.

My friend is convinced its fate but me being a pessimist, or someone who doesn’t think about fate so much, and will just pass it off as a coincidence.

I think I’m


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