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Soup Thief

I was off work last week, was taking the remaining hours of my holiday left.
Everyone at work knows I’m a soup lover (well there is only one kind of soup I’ll have), they are used to seeing me have soup for lunch. So much so thay I always have loads at work!!
So I’m now back at work (started back at monday) and I thought I’ll have some soup, so I open my draw and I only have 2 cans left!!!!!! There were about 6 before my holiday! I know its only soup but its the principle!! Someone I work with stole my soup!! There is a soup thief at the workplace!!
I would have said yes if they asked!!! Its not the point they I wasn’t there to ask, then they shouldn’t have stole it!!!

It really annoyed me!


Puffy Eyes and a Aching Heart

You’d think from the title of this post that something heartbreakingly tragic happened right? Well you are right!!!

I don’t think I’ve actually expressed how much of a manga fanatic I am on this blog yet, but I’m going to give you a little taster now.

One of my favourite mangas is One Piece it’s just too awesome for words to describe.






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Moo Ga Dang 무가당 舞歌黨

Was sorting through my music folder and I was Moo Ga Dang and thought hey haven’t listened to this in a while!

Turned it on and thought auhhhh I did like these guys!!

Song Baek Kyoung (of 1TYM)’s sub group, was like a project group he was apart of during 2006 and 2007. They only released a mini album in 2006 and then a two track single in 2007. It was pretty cool seeing these guys as it got Baek Kyoung in the lime light again (oh how I’ve missed 1TYM), it was also nice seeing Lee Eun Joo (of former Swi.T and now aka soon-to-be Mrs.YG). Other members included Prhyme (of former Soul Food), and Kim Woo Geun (of former Bounce).

Just Sexy by Moo Ga Dang

Click the above to hear Moo Ga Dang’s Just Sexy from their 1st mini album, I quite like this song! Maybe thats because Lee Eun Joo sing quite a bit in it!

What HK Was All About!!!

This is a really really late post!!! I went to Hong Kong back in Oct/Nov 2009 and what was I excited about going to HK to get? Was it food? No I’m chinese so the food doesn’t appeal to me. Was it the clothes? No I’m a doesn’t matter if its high street or designer brands, if I like I buy kind of girl. Was it the sights and tourist attractions? No, I’ve been to HK before and seen most of the tourist attractions. So what was it???

It was the beauty and make-up products!!!! I’m asian so I prefer asian brands as I find its more adapted or should I say its more compatible to asian skin. So I just wanted to go and explore more!! I usually just buy loads of products online and try, so I usually end up with quite a few stuff I just give away.

My main priority was face masks, as in the sheet ones! They’re quite hard to get in the UK and I just love them! Its quick and easy to use! I’m not that fussed with what kind of mask it is, as long as it does the job then I’m happy. I use sheet masks once maybe twice a week, it depends what else I’ll be doing in my weekly facial routine (I have my set daily routine as well).

It looks a lot but I assure you it isn’t!!! Was actually quite disappointed that I got so little….. in the end I didn’t have that much time to shop, ended doing things day in day out. *sighssss*

Well I guess its back to me buying online, well at least now I’ll do a little more research before I blindly buy something I’ve not seen or used before. Well my last few buys online have been quite good!!!

星光下的童話 Because Of You

I’ve been watching a lot of Taiwanese (idol) dramas at the moment, as you know I’ve mentions Autumn’s Concerto. I really enjoyed watching the first half of that drama, made me cry buckets!!! Then it kind of went downhill.

I’m going to start off with 星光下的童話 Because Of You also known as Fairytale Under the Starlight. It is CTS’ (a television channel) entrant for the sunday 10pm slot, the battle between Idol dramas.

Unfortunately 星光下的童話 isn’t doing too well in the battle with ratings averaging 0.57 for the first 6 episodes aired so far. I’m actually quite surprised as it’s not a bad watch, maybe it’s because there aren’t many ‘idols’ or well-known ones in the drama. Well the only one of the leads I know is 陳楚河 Baron Chen, ok I kind of know 賴雅妍 Megan Lai as well but that’s kind of it.

The plot it self so far doesn’t seem so bad, maybe because it’s still quite slow? I mean in these six episodes all that has kind of happened is that  a big superstar/idol stole the girlfriend (upcoming singer) of a stunt double (Baron Chen, and that stunt double has somewhat gotten popular because he had punched that idol. That big idol star (played by 李國毅 Leon Li) has a childhood friend (Megan Lai) (who is a few years older than him), who is also his die-hard fan and you can tell she likes him. But she gets involved with the stunt double.

You can tell where the drama is going to head off right? Baron becomes a rising celebrity and him and Megan become friends and they start to like each other, but Lego believes that she belongs to him. The girlfriend or ex-girlfriend (田中千繪 Tanaka Chie) comes to get Baron back.

I suppose its a bit typical but so far I do like it, I prefer 就想賴著妳 Down With Love over it but I prefer this to 偷心大聖 P.S. 男 P.S Man. Well that might change as so far I don’t like how the director has edited P.S. Man, its quite poorly done.

Oh one thing I really like about 星光下的童話 Because Of You is the OSTs!!! I’m really enjoying 李國毅 Leon Li’s 因為你. Its the ending song.


Ok news but I’m going to rant about Taiwan’s GTV channel making Parfait Tic into a Live Action!!!

I’m not surprised that they are doing it…. its quite a popular shojo and since they’ve doing most of the really popular mangas they need more don’t they? (I guess they just don’t have many good script writers).

What I’m really angry about is the cast!!! Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen!!! Seriously WTF!!! For one they can’t act! Calvin is butt ugly too! Aaron Yan is yes a little cutie pie but not for the role he is to play!!!

ARRRGGGGGG I can’t believe they are going to trash one of my favourite shojo mangas!!!

I won’t say I won’t be watching it when it comes airs, of course I will!!! I can foresee myself complaining a lot about it though!!! ARRRGGGGG

Jay Park

I’m sure almost all 2PM fans have already seen Jaebeom’s cover of B.o.B – Nothin’ On You.

It wasn’t anything amazing (not being mean), it was good but not amazing. I’m not really a 2PM fan but Jaebeom was my ‘favorite’ member, hm…. now sure if favorite is the right word to use but he was the member that I kept notice of. There was just something about him I liked.

To be really honest I thought he shouldn’t have left (ok ok enough of that respect his decision stuff), he should have just held his head up high and stuck it out till the end. Well I don’t want to go into what I think and its now blown over so there is no point.

Oh how HOT does Jaebeom look! When I say look I don’t really mean face wise…. ^_____^ yes its that body… DAMNNNNNN Maybe a little too toned for my personal taste but that must mean he has a very very lovely (sexy) back!! I love a guy with a nice toned back LOL I find it very sexy!! hahahahaha

Well if you haven’t seen the video here it is.

Credit: jayparkaom@youtube (Jaebeom’s youtube)