A Trip

Haven’t posted in a while, I was a little gloomy last week so maybe that’s why. Why was I gloomy? Various reasons, closure was one but not the usual closure (I’m not in an relationship at the moment so its not an end), think I mentioned it in my previous post, its just realisation that was more than I can handle, so I suppose it didn’t take long for me to ‘get over it’ lol. Anyways enough about that as my mood is pretty good this week so far.

I’ve titled this post ‘A Trip’, I’m not actually going away but I thought it’ll be nice to explore london a little. Go to places I’ve not been to, go to places I like and etc. I’ve want to do it and just thought let’s do it!! I have a week off soon so it’ll be good! But I kind of want to do it all in one day, like a day trip in london. But if that is going to happen some planning needs to be done!!! Oh I’m also going to be taking my DSLR with me to take loads of pictures!!! It shall be fun!!
I was actually inspired by a video I saw on youtube, the video is of 10 quirky/alternative places to visit in london other than the usual tourist attractions.


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