Good Morning Mr.Sunday

Good Morning Mr.Sunday what a fine day you are!!

I woke up pretty early this morning, don’t really know why maybe it’s because I couldn’t really sleep properly. I’m a side sleeper, and I prefer to sleep on my left side but last night my left side was aching and it was too uncomfortable to sleep on. Throughout the night I probably went back to sleep in that position and maybe that’s why I woke up early.

I looked out my window today and was pleasantly surprised at how nice outside looked, clear blue skies, sun shining bright, but I know the British weather too well to get happy so soon, so what I do is after I’ve looked at the sky? I avert my eyes to the trees. Why? well it’s because I can see how windy it is, as much as the sky is clear and the sun is out, it is too early in the year for England to be warm yet. As usual the wonder day that looks to nice isn’t at all and the trees tell me that its pretty windy and cold outside. No shorts/skirts and t-shirts just yet.

I am actually looking forward to summer this year, not that I’m going on holiday (I’m still thinking on it). I’m just in the mood for summer, looking for a change possibly? I usually hate the heat, I just can’t cope (not that the UK gets extremely hot)!! But this year…. really looking forward to it, I bet when summer comes I’m going to be blogging, complaining how hot it is!!! But I really do hope that summer this year is hot!! If I remember correctly last year wasn’t that bad, when it was hot, it was extremely hot but it didn’t last that long!! Winter 09/10 was one of the coldest winters the UK has had for 31 years (Article-Guardian), which lead it to be longer than usual and now two weeks into March and only has the weather started to go above the 10°C mark (and thats still cold!)

Ok I think I’m going to go and get changed out of my PJs now!


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