Jay Park

I’m sure almost all 2PM fans have already seen Jaebeom’s cover of B.o.B – Nothin’ On You.

It wasn’t anything amazing (not being mean), it was good but not amazing. I’m not really a 2PM fan but Jaebeom was my ‘favorite’ member, hm…. now sure if favorite is the right word to use but he was the member that I kept notice of. There was just something about him I liked.

To be really honest I thought he shouldn’t have left (ok ok enough of that respect his decision stuff), he should have just held his head up high and stuck it out till the end. Well I don’t want to go into what I think and its now blown over so there is no point.

Oh how HOT does Jaebeom look! When I say look I don’t really mean face wise…. ^_____^ yes its that body… DAMNNNNNN Maybe a little too toned for my personal taste but that must mean he has a very very lovely (sexy) back!! I love a guy with a nice toned back LOL I find it very sexy!! hahahahaha

Well if you haven’t seen the video here it is.

Credit: jayparkaom@youtube (Jaebeom’s youtube)


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