What HK Was All About!!!

This is a really really late post!!! I went to Hong Kong back in Oct/Nov 2009 and what was I excited about going to HK to get? Was it food? No I’m chinese so the food doesn’t appeal to me. Was it the clothes? No I’m a doesn’t matter if its high street or designer brands, if I like I buy kind of girl. Was it the sights and tourist attractions? No, I’ve been to HK before and seen most of the tourist attractions. So what was it???

It was the beauty and make-up products!!!! I’m asian so I prefer asian brands as I find its more adapted or should I say its more compatible to asian skin. So I just wanted to go and explore more!! I usually just buy loads of products online and try, so I usually end up with quite a few stuff I just give away.

My main priority was face masks, as in the sheet ones! They’re quite hard to get in the UK and I just love them! Its quick and easy to use! I’m not that fussed with what kind of mask it is, as long as it does the job then I’m happy. I use sheet masks once maybe twice a week, it depends what else I’ll be doing in my weekly facial routine (I have my set daily routine as well).

It looks a lot but I assure you it isn’t!!! Was actually quite disappointed that I got so little….. in the end I didn’t have that much time to shop, ended doing things day in day out. *sighssss*

Well I guess its back to me buying online, well at least now I’ll do a little more research before I blindly buy something I’ve not seen or used before. Well my last few buys online have been quite good!!!


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