Puffy Eyes and a Aching Heart

You’d think from the title of this post that something heartbreakingly tragic happened right? Well you are right!!!

I don’t think I’ve actually expressed how much of a manga fanatic I am on this blog yet, but I’m going to give you a little taster now.

One of my favourite mangas is One Piece it’s just too awesome for words to describe.






Back to what I was saying, One Piece is just too awesome for words to describe!!! For those who are reading on I assume you are up to date and you do know what I am saying when I say it is too awesome! The last say 10 chapters were absolutely amazing! It was magnificent!! It was also very heartbreaking! In that I mean by the death of Portgas D. Ace, aka Fire Fist Ace aka Monkey D. Luffy’s brother aka Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s son aka Monkey D. Garp’s adoptive grandson.

I cried so much when Ace died! It was just so sad!! TRAGIC!!! Luffy had tried to hard to save his brother and in the end his brother had died protecting him. As soon as that happened Luffy was out, stone cold. I refused to accept it!! How can it be the end of such a major character, you may wonder why I call him a major character as we’ve not seen much of him in the series so far, but thats how you know he is a major character. He doesn’t have to be the lead he just has to show his face every now and then and he still hold such importance. After I had calmed down after reading the death of Ace, I took a re-think, it just doesn’t make sense. They’ve just told us Gol D. Roger has a son, the only bloodline to the Pirate King  and they kill him off just like that, no it has to be wrong!! Oda Eiichiro  (author/manga artist of One Piece) must have something up his sleeve.

The thing that bugs me most was that Trafalgar Law randomly makes an appearence…. he can’t be there for no reason, can’t be there just to save Luffy. Remember he is a doctor!! A good one apparently!! Remember that thing he did at Sabaody Archipelago where he used his Devil’s Fruit powers and cut off that Marine’s head, but the marine wasn’t dead! He must have a role in this!!!

Well I reckon it’ll take awhile for us to know what will eventually happen. The wait will not a be a nice one!


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