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You know I’ve realised I’m not that good at dealing with frustration!! I’ve been getting frustrated at work a lot recently, its because of the work load but its the people I work with. They’re nice people (with the exception of one, well I suppose he has never really ‘done anything’ to me, but from what I’ve seen and heard I don’t like the way he does things) but they just aren’t on my wave length when it comes to work ethics. My workmate says I’m too good/strong for the store I work in, I’ve always brushed that aside as I’ve never really thought that, well I know I’m good at what I do but never thought I was ‘strong’ until lately.
For those who don’t know I work for a big high street fashion company, I do their admin (based in a store, not head office -__-), I started out as just a normal weekend sales assistant and then got promoted to weekend admin and a year later I’m now admin manager (though my title is just admin when it should be admin manager as I’m getting paid that rate, but I suppose the store manager just didn’t want to give me that title, oh well that means my notice period is just two weeks rather than one month!!). In this recession hit economy I guess I’m pretty lucky to be able to find a decent paying first job.
Let’s go back to the reason for my frustration (kind of gone off track), I think it all started as soon as I became full-time admin manager, it meant that I would be working set hours of monday to friday, so that meant someone had to replace me at the weekends. A workmate of mine had got the job and I had originally thought we’ll make a good partnership (just like the partnership I had when I was weekend admin with the then full-time admin), since we had an excellent partnership when I was still an sales assistant. But things are not turning out as how I imagined. Maybe its because they are a full-time member of staff doing the weekend as admin and the other 3days of the week as sales assistant, that they are unable to fully get into admin. Even so its been almost 3months and still the basic routine for admin is unstable. Its always the same problem though, I explain get the nod of the head that they understand and still the same error appears. As the weeks go by more and more things are not being done, the weekender is suppose to support me not create more hassle for me.
Maybe I am over exaggerating it but that’s how it feels for me, it would be so much of a problem if it was every once in a while but its happening almost ever week now, I’m beginning to really dread ‘Mondays’ (not because its back to work after the weekend off) but because I know there is some kind of mess left over the week end.
Maybe I should retrain them? As they were not trained by me, maybe I should extend their trail period. Worse comes to worse suggest maybe they’re not right to the role.

Sometimes it is hard to be a friend and manager at the same time and even more so to be the ‘nice’ person.


Strange Strange People

The other day it really hit me that there are some really strange people in this world!!!
I was out at my local high street on my day off, just to get a few things for the drugstore.
As I was on my way back home this stranger taps me on the shoulder, I’m now thinking “who the hell are you?”. And says to me “I like the way you walk”, me now looking a bit lost and speechless mutter the words “errr thank you” and I was back on my way home, and he? Walking in the other direction.
Really really strange, at first I thought it was some weird chat up line but it guess, he said what he wanted and off on his way he went. Strange strange man.

The Sun is Out

London today is just FAB!!!! The sun is out, the clouds are gone!!! All it needs to be is 1 or 2 degrees warmer and I will happy, really happy!!
Think this is the first time in years, I have looked forward to summer!! I usual loath the summer, I just don’t deal well in the heat and is suppose I wasn’t as confident in the summers either. But for the last 6months my self confidence is sky high lol! Not that I wasn’t confident at all before, of course I was, just not so much during the summer. What I’m trying to say is that lately I’ve been feeling good, really good.
I enjoy life, I enjoy my work, I know I do complain about it and there are areas or things around my workplace that could be changed or could be better but my job itself I still very much enjoy!! I’ve said it from the start, once I stop enjoying it, I’ll move on.

Dun Dun Dun-Dun!!

I quite excited!!! I was invited to my workmate’s wedding…. For some reason I didn’t think I would be.
I now has to find something to wear and also what gift to get!!!
Seriously don’t know think this will be my first non-chinese wedding!!!!!