The Sun is Out

London today is just FAB!!!! The sun is out, the clouds are gone!!! All it needs to be is 1 or 2 degrees warmer and I will happy, really happy!!
Think this is the first time in years, I have looked forward to summer!! I usual loath the summer, I just don’t deal well in the heat and is suppose I wasn’t as confident in the summers either. But for the last 6months my self confidence is sky high lol! Not that I wasn’t confident at all before, of course I was, just not so much during the summer. What I’m trying to say is that lately I’ve been feeling good, really good.
I enjoy life, I enjoy my work, I know I do complain about it and there are areas or things around my workplace that could be changed or could be better but my job itself I still very much enjoy!! I’ve said it from the start, once I stop enjoying it, I’ll move on.


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