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The Tories Have Got In!!!

So anyone in the UK will know (and if you don’t WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!) That the Conservative Leader David Cameron has now become the Prime Minister of the UK. Shocking right?? They have set up a coalition with the Liberal Democrats ‘SHOCK HORROR’ offering Nick to be Cameron’s Deputy and also 5 cabinet seats.
I was actually surprised as just the day before they had just start talks with Labour as they couldn’t reach a deal with the Tories. Less than 24hours later, David Cameron has become the PM and a coalition deal has been agreed!! I thought ‘what the hell happened!!’ Then I heard Nick Clegg was to be Cameron’s Deputy and then it all made sense!! Its about status and power. Logically Cameron should have made a trust senior Tory his deputy, but because he needed a majority, he has to get the coalition with the Lib Dems.


Aside From The Sex, Are Relationships That Bad?

My really close friend has been having some relationship problems. It’s over really small things but they don’t seem to be able to sort it out. It’s a shame really as down on pen and paper they are perfect for each other, I guess it takes more than that. They been having the same arguments over the same things, break up and get back together, break up again and together again, it’s a cycle, so I suppose you can’t say they don’t try. Hearing of their problems, I think to myself ‘if I were in her shoes’ I probably would have broken it off permanently. I suppose that’s just how I am, of course you try to make it work but if it really isn’t working, why hold on?

 Then I looked back at my past relationships, though I’m not sure I would call it that…. I mean its guys I’ve dated (I wouldn’t call them ‘boyfriends’ so why call it a relationship). Hmmm…. they tend not to last long enough for me to call them my ‘boyfriend’. I can definitly say I’m not picky at all!!!! I just don’t seem to get that feeling I want. I’m at that stage where I want someone for keeps. In saying that I don’t mean whenever  I date someone I think “oh I can marry this guy or oh not marriage material”, I DO NOT DO THAT!!! Its kind of creppy to those that do! I just mean I don’t want to date for fun anymore. I can’t be bothered, whats the point! Serisouly, I see quite a few people who date loosely for yearsssss and then just break it off as if ‘ehh’, WHAT IS THE POINT!

I don’t think I can date someone for years and not have marriage or that sort of status on the table. Again WHATS THE POINT!!!

Before I end off, I saw this picture on another blog and thought it was pretty cool.

Election 2010

So the results are in (except for the Constituency of Thirsk & Malton due to the death of a candidate), and this is how it stands:

Conservative: 305

Labour: 258

Liberal Democrats: 57

Others: 28


 So here we have it a Hung Parliament. So who will join forces? The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats? OR Labour and Liberal Democrats?

Well whatever the results, we won’t clearing finding out for a few more days at least.

Election 2010

Follow the results of the UK General Election 2010!!!

Polling Day!!!!!

Its time to pick a leader for our country!!! Are you A Red, Blue or Yellow? Of course by that I mean are you a Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrats supporter???

There has been much debate about this year’s general election, with the economy doing so badly and our deficit increase by the second, everyone is looking and wanting a change. So it does seem that it won’t be Labour….. but I voted Labour. I do not agree with all their policies but I agree with them more than the Tories or Lib Dem’s. The Tories (Conservatives) they talk too much bullsh!t for my liking, they keep saying they will decrease tax and increase money for certain departments…… but how are they doing to get the extra money if they decrease tax? Just doesn’t make sense!!! The Lib Dem’s are too inexperienced and their policies are all over the place. They killed off what every good I thought about them when I heard their amnesty proposal for illegal immigrants. I see why people are swayed by the Lib Dems, I would be too if I didn’t look at the bigger picture. When they talk about their policies they talk about England, they talk about just us, they are forgetting the bigger picture, not just us being in the EU but the world economy.

Well I don’t really want to get into a policital debate as I’m not out to try and change your mind, to get you to vote the same as me.

Just remember, don’t complain about this and that if you didn’t vote. Even if and its highly likely that Labour do not stay in power, I know I voted to keep them in power.


I was on Facebook and someone on my friend’s list posted this on his status: “why vote when everyone is corrupted or eventually will be? trust myself mate” My reply to that was “You vote for that chance, those that don’t vote don’t get to complain.” So I will now end off with:

For those that don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.


Is it so bad to dream?
Is it so bad to want?
Is it so bad to hope?

Yes if it gets out of hand, no if its controlled.

Is it so bad to dream?

Gummy – Loveless

One of my favourite Korean Artists, Gummy. She is AWESOME!!!! I like her because of her talent, she has an awesome voice (well she did start out as a vocal coach for some of the YG artists) and her songs (well most) are GREAT!!! As much as I like my korean pop/idols I do prefer ballads over it, such as Gummy, SG wannabe, Tei, Ha Dong Kyun, K.Will and etc. I just love the emotion these artists put into the songs!!

So she is back with a new mini album [her last album was in 2008 and it was Volume 4 entitled Comfort], entitled ‘Loveless’ and the title track is ‘As A Man’.  If I’m honest I would have loved a full length album, and I would have prefered ‘There Is No Love’ to be the title track (I actually like all tracks but that is my favourite).

‘As A Man’ is a more up beat track, remember her I’m Sorry track? Well it’s not quite the same I just used that as an example as the melody was quite upbeat but Gummy’s singing style was still very ‘ballad’. This track was produced and composed by YG’s very own Teddy Park, he is the resident producer/composer (though in recent years, his recent works for members of the YG Family have been plagued with plagiarism, he is still awesome). The music video also stars Kim Hyun Joong (of SS501) and actress Jung Ryeo Won (My Lovely Sam Soon, Which Star Are You From), I was quite surprised that there wasn’t a single YG artist in the video but then again YG are not really known to use their own people in the videos…. but to have an Idol from and another entertainment company (DPS Ent) was very surprising!!

Well below is a clip of Gummy singing There Is No Love LIVE!!!! Now this is what you call live, its just like the CD!!! Too awesome! After that is the music for title track As A Man.