Aside From The Sex, Are Relationships That Bad?

My really close friend has been having some relationship problems. It’s over really small things but they don’t seem to be able to sort it out. It’s a shame really as down on pen and paper they are perfect for each other, I guess it takes more than that. They been having the same arguments over the same things, break up and get back together, break up again and together again, it’s a cycle, so I suppose you can’t say they don’t try. Hearing of their problems, I think to myself ‘if I were in her shoes’ I probably would have broken it off permanently. I suppose that’s just how I am, of course you try to make it work but if it really isn’t working, why hold on?

 Then I looked back at my past relationships, though I’m not sure I would call it that…. I mean its guys I’ve dated (I wouldn’t call them ‘boyfriends’ so why call it a relationship). Hmmm…. they tend not to last long enough for me to call them my ‘boyfriend’. I can definitly say I’m not picky at all!!!! I just don’t seem to get that feeling I want. I’m at that stage where I want someone for keeps. In saying that I don’t mean whenever  I date someone I think “oh I can marry this guy or oh not marriage material”, I DO NOT DO THAT!!! Its kind of creppy to those that do! I just mean I don’t want to date for fun anymore. I can’t be bothered, whats the point! Serisouly, I see quite a few people who date loosely for yearsssss and then just break it off as if ‘ehh’, WHAT IS THE POINT!

I don’t think I can date someone for years and not have marriage or that sort of status on the table. Again WHATS THE POINT!!!

Before I end off, I saw this picture on another blog and thought it was pretty cool.


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