The Tories Have Got In!!!

So anyone in the UK will know (and if you don’t WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!) That the Conservative Leader David Cameron has now become the Prime Minister of the UK. Shocking right?? They have set up a coalition with the Liberal Democrats ‘SHOCK HORROR’ offering Nick to be Cameron’s Deputy and also 5 cabinet seats.
I was actually surprised as just the day before they had just start talks with Labour as they couldn’t reach a deal with the Tories. Less than 24hours later, David Cameron has become the PM and a coalition deal has been agreed!! I thought ‘what the hell happened!!’ Then I heard Nick Clegg was to be Cameron’s Deputy and then it all made sense!! Its about status and power. Logically Cameron should have made a trust senior Tory his deputy, but because he needed a majority, he has to get the coalition with the Lib Dems.


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