Hello WordPress for Blackberry ver 1.2.1

Hello!!! Its been a while hasn’t it?? Haven’t post for some time, just been super busy these last few week (I’ve actually been sitting on my bum, just too lazy to do anything lol).
Today I thought ‘hey I should blog today!’ So I loaded up the wordpress app on the BB and it told me there was a new version! To be honest I thought not much will change as the last time there was a new version, there was hardly any difference.
But this time I could definitely tell the difference!!! It looks a lot better! There is a BUT though, the older version had the icons (for refresh, drafts and etc) at the top with a list if posts below it. On this version there is only a list of your posts, no more icons, you’ll have to press the ‘BB menu’ button to go to those settings. Which is bit of a hassle as I had preferred the icons.

I’m currently on my way home from work, going to Victoria so I can get the overhead train home (was on the underground).
I’m also loving today’s weather!! Its warm, sunny and clear blue skies!! Love it!! As long as I do not tan I love it! I’m not a fan of the tanned look so sunblock is my best friend on a hot summer’s day!!


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