England were at a Standstill, Now England at Raging Point!

So today 27th June 2010 is the day that England (football team) lost to Germany once again!!!

England, no, the UK was at a standstill for this much anticipated match, and why wouldn’t they be? Germany are old enemies (I’m talking about football, not other historic stuff). There is even a Wikipedia page on the rivalry!!!

Lets talk some history first:

World Cup 1966: England

Lets start here, I won’t go back further theres no point. So World Cup 1966 is the World Cup everyone in England remembers regardless of when you were born you would have heard about it. Yes it was the only World Cup that England won. It was England vs Germany in that final and England prevailed. There was much controversy about that final, mainly due to two controversy goals scored. The first was the goal from Geoff Hurt, why? Because the ball bounced down from the crossbar and then out of the goal. The referee had to consult with the linesmen to decide weather it was in or not. Of course the Germans would argue that it was not in.

World Cup 1970: Mexico

England met Germany in the Quarter-finals this time, England were leading 2-0 but then Germany levelled in the second half, forcing the game into Extra time, which Germany were to score the winning goal, leaving the final score at 3-2.

European Championship 1972 (quarter-finals)

Losing 3-1 at at the home game, England needed a miracle to happen at the away game. Unfortunately England were unable to perform a miracle  and were held at a 0-0 draw and were knocked out of the competition.

World Cup 1990: Italy

Another meeting and this time it was the Semi-finals, Germany were leading 1-0 until the 80th minuet when Gary Lineker scored the equaliser. Thus pushing the game into a penalty shoot-out show down (England’s first), however England lost 4-3.

European Championship 1996 (Semi-finals)

England took the lead in the third minute only for Germany to equalise at the sixteenth minute, the game went into a goalless extra-time yet again forcing the game into penalty shoot-outs. Both England and Germany scored all five penalties, leading on to ‘sudden death’ kicks. Only for Gareth Southgate to miss (thus making him England’s public enemy NO.1) and Germany scoring theirs, overall score 6-5.

European Championships 2000 (Group Stages)

Meeting again but this time in the Group Stages, Group A to be precise. The match itself wasn’t very exciting but what matters were the final result, 1-0 England. It was England’s first win against Germany in a competitive game since 1966.

However both England and Germany failed to get into the knock-out stages.

World Cup Qualifying 2002

England did not meet Germany in 2002’s World cup, but had lost to them 1-0 in the first game. However when the return match came England had performed a Miracle under new manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, thumping Germany to a 5-1 win!!

Despite that, England did not make it past the Quarter-final stages and Germany ended up being runners-up.

England have not met Germany in any competitive matches since when, which brings us to the current meeting, World Cup 2010.

World Cup 2010 (Last 16)

England probably got the most comfortable group, and were expected to top the group. However that did not happen and England were only able to finish second in the group behind USA (I know USA!!! Like what the HELL!). That meant England would have to play the group toppers of Group D, which were Germany.

Thus brings me back to the present: 27th June 2010, 3pm to be precise.

The big game, its time to settle some old scores.

The match started and was starting to look good, then Germany found England’s weak spot, the Defence (yea right…. what defence, England had no defence!) Of course the Germans scored! And what a goal it was, it completely exposed how weak and broken England’s defence was. UTTER SHAMBLES!!! It was a goal from a long ball from the German goalie!! Upson and Terry YOU FOOLS!!

David James made some amazing saves, however he was unable to save Germany’s second goal, yet again the defence was in utter shambles!

Upson was able to somewhat compensate for his disastrous  perfomance by heading in Gerrard’s ball in.

Lampard was cheated when his ball which had clearly gone pass the line was a no-goal. This was the big turning point, it could have completely changed the result, if England had gone into the second match on a 2-2 draw the would have continued where they left off in the end of the first half, attacking attacking attacking.

Into the second half, with a bitter 2-1 scoreline, England had lost that attacking spirit somewhat, although they created chances for themselves there were not able to fully defend. Germany knew where England’s week spot was and they fully took advantage of it. Germany were the better team, they were Germany’s new generation team (usually this title is given when a team is getting there but not fully there) and quite frankly this German team seems already there.

England allowing Germany to score two more times in the second half which brings the score to 4-1 by the 70th minute and clearly game over, it was BLOW THE WHISTLE BLOW THE WHISTLE NOW!!! Lets get this match or should I rather say EMBARRASSMENT OVER WITH!!!

We knew it would be a tough match to being with but that display from England was a disaster. This is suppose to be our Golden Generation, the football team that would start bringing back some major silverware to England. Individually as players, the England players are good (well some) they play for the best football league in the world, The Premiership. The league, players all around the world would like to get into. Yet when these players are together they are unable to pull off what they do when they play for the club teams. WHY DAMNIT WHY!!!! On paper England are a very strong and capable team!! Yet they are unable to delivery results!!! England fans are very loyal and all they want is for England to finally succeed and yet what do they do?? THROW IT BACK IN THE FAN’S FACE!!!! With a sloppy display of what the English created FOOTBALL!! I don’t even know if you can call what they played today FOOTBALL!!! It was a completely mess!!! We had massive gaps in the defence, when we attacked we failed to delivery!!!

Germany clearly deserved to win and not like just 3goals, by many many more.


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