Korea Here I Come!! Are You Ready?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in a previous post as it is something that I’ve always said and wanted to do.
I’ve finally applied to become an ESL teacher in South Korea!!! Originally I had planned to apply a year and a half ago and some things had happened and I felt that I shouldn’t go through with it, not then at least.
But now the time is right, I’m stuck in a some what of a dead-end job that even though I enjoy it, I’m bored, its not challenging enough. It has become very repetitive, I need a job that excites me and unfortunately my current one has never excited me. I’m good at what I do, very good (I’m just being honest) but I am not content with that. I want to do something I could be crap at but enjoy lol Sounds contradicting does’t ti? But it could exist.

I’m not saying teaching English is what I want to do, but its the experience I want, the career isn’t going too well, so why not take the time out and get some life experiences? Live in a completely foreign country, where you know no-one and you don’t speak the language. I consider myself quite independent but this will really put it tyo the test!! I’ve never lived away from home, my family, so really how independent am I, if I know I have people to catch me if I fall (all I have to do is scream MUMMY DADDy!)??
Doing something this will make me a stronger person (lol I’ve just re-said that in my head and it sounds somewhat like what would be said in some sort of self help class), it will make me ‘grow up’. My theory is if I can do this for a year I can pretty much do anything.

Let’s hope I hear from them soon, and its good news, otherwise I’ll be trying again in November for the March semester.

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