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The Nice Guy

A friend of mine had kind of arranged a ‘date’ for me ¬_____¬ much to my displease. Well I suppose what I didn’t like the most was how it was set up…. it was like a double date…. arrgggg.

This guy my friend had set me up with (I’ll call him J), I’ve met him once or twice before, not much of an opinion on him to be honest, as we’ve never really talked. My friend said he thinks J is ‘keen’ on me, I instinctively thought ‘how can that be’. My friend managed to get me to agree to go on this set up, well not like I had much else to do. LOL

In all honesty the dinner went well, it was nice, just a group of friends chatting. J is a nice decent guy but was there any attraction? If I’m honest I don’t think there was, not on my end at least. May be its because I just don’t really know J that well yet and as my other friend Danielle says “most relationships either start off as friends making that next step or that there was that initial attraction there”

Well we shall see if anything happens after, but even if it doesn’t turn out the way my friend had hoped, I just hope I at least made a new friend.


Are Our Exterior Looks That Important?

I was on my lunch break, my friend was going out for a smoke and I went along as I wanted some sun (funny right? Coming from the girl who hates to get a tan). We were just chatting, and happened to go on the topic of my friend wanting more friends that can introduce him to more girls. I then said ‘ask **** he has loads of friends’. We somehow got on to the topic of ****’s friends and I said I think I met a few when I went to a gig with my sister, **** and KW his brother.
Then my friend asked if I thought KW was good-looking? My reply was simple: yes he is. Friend asks ‘even before he lost weight? Cause I didn’t think he was then’. My reply was simple again : ‘yep, lets just put it this way KW is someone who I have had a soft spot for since day 1 that I’ve met him’.
Friend: ‘ohhh really?’
Me: ‘now don’t go thinking things!’

So it brings me to the topic are our looks essential to finding a partner? I’m referring to the bit where my friend asked ‘even before he lost weight?’.
I instinctively thought: ok so someone has some slight exterior changes and your opinion of them changes?.

I know my friend didn’t mean it that way but that’s just how I thought. You can call it being over sensitive or over thinking but I don’t think I am, its just the way I instinctively think. No changing that I’m afraid!

Makes me wonder what will happen if I like lost a LOT of weight? Will be start treating me differently? Will people starting giving me a lot more attention!? Well I’m happy with the way I am and that’s all that matters. I just want a healthier lifestyle.

Ok so it’s not unusual for people to first look at a person’s exterior when judging to consider them as a potential partner but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor ‘Oh I’ve got a hot guy/girl’ what if they have no brains? You know the saying good-looking people are thick…… I don’t want to generalise but it is true to some extent. I was never really the type of person who would go out with someone due to looks, well there is that saying that only ‘ugly’ people say things like that and yes I’m not the most attractive person but I really don’t think I say/think that because I don’t think I can get a ‘good looking’ guy. LOL

I suppose the point of this post is that inner beauty conquers all ^____^ Cliché? Maybe…

A-Lin (黃麗玲) vs Kim Ji Eun

Do you remember in my post 如果沒有你 I had stated that the two songs I was listening to constantly had turned to three songs. Well that song is A-lin (黃麗玲)’s 今晚你想念的人是不是我 (translate roughly to Am I the one you’re thinking about tonight?)

I first heard A-lin’s song when her album Diva 天生歌姬 came out but I never really listened to the song that is until my current muse Janice Yan 閻奕格 sang the song on Taiwanese talent show 超級星光大道. It then hit me that the song sounded very very familiar!! I’m quite good at stuff like this, when I think a song sounds like something else it usually is the case. So what did I do?? I went to Google for the answer!! LOL

Did Google provide me with an answer?? Well of course it did!! That is why Google is so loved!! Cause its AWESOME!! ^____^

To be honest I’m gutted I didn’t figure it out myself first…. because the original artist of the song is an artist that I like very very much!! As you have guessed its Kim Ji Eun (well it is stated in the title).

A little background information for you first. Kim Ji Eun is a member of Korean group Lady Collection, she was also a soloist under the stage name Ji Eun when she was under management/record lable YG Entertainment (yes she was part of the YG family). What is even more surprising was the fact that she was not part of YG as a artist but as a vocal trainer to several YG big names! Its a shame YG didn’t promote her well and she eventually left YG to join Lion Entertainment (home of artists such as IU) and forming female group Lady Collection.

Back to the topic of the post! So the original version of 今晚你想念的人是不是我 is Kim Ji Eun’s

Below are MV’s for both:

Kim Ji Eun’s 어제와 다른 오늘 Yesterday is Different from Today

A-Lin 黃麗玲’s 今晚你想念的人是不是我

So what do you think after listening to both? This is the few times where I actually like both the original and cover version!! Usually for me its that I like the original version a lot more!! I love Ji Eun’s version but I love the fact that I can understand A-lin’s!! The lyrics make sense as well and A-lin’s voice is just amazing! I would say Ji Eun’s has more emotion and feel to it, and that A-lin’s is more about vocal ability, not that Ji Eun hasn’t got good vocals, she has amazing vocals!!

Case of The Ex

On friday evening after work, I went to have dinner with my ex-boyfriend. When I told some workmates they asked ‘won’t it be awkward?’ I simply replied with ‘no it shouldn’t be, we ended on quite good terms’. Towards the end of my shift at work, I received a phone call from a friend, she said she heard I was meeting K (ex’s initial) for dinner and questioned if it was really ok? I’m now thinking ‘ok so what’s the big deal’? My friend advised: its not a big deal as it isn’t like you guys broke up horribly, but its why you broke up, if there wasn’t that unchangeable factor would we have broken up? My answer was ‘no, not then at least’. But I know we’ve moved on and things are not the same as they were. Its not like I’m going to fall head over heels as soon as I see him (it wasn’t even like that back then!!), I’m not that kind of rash person anyway.
My friend was correct, its not a big deal but there will be questions asked and things talked about that maybe exes just shouldn’t do.

So the big day, I haven’t seen K in almost 3years (wow it has been long), and first impressions were nothings changed, just that the hair is a little shorter and slightly shaved on one side (I remember its a style of hair cut I’ve always wanted him to get). My first words were ‘I like the hair’. ‘Thanks, my stylist did it’ were his, ‘oh you’ve always wanted me to do something like it as well right?’ (So he remembered).

We went to an Italian restaurant, one that we used to go to. We were there for ages!! Just chatting and chatting up it was really really nice!! We even spoke about people we had dated!! I know!!! How awesome, you’d normally not talk about stuff like that!!
We were just friends catching up over dinner!! But then he started to…. Flirt…. And as soon as I noticed I said ‘ARE YOU FLIRTING with me!!!! DON’T!! It freaks me out and slightly disgusts me!!!’
His reply? ‘Hahaha still as vicious with your words’. Me: ‘well have to protect myself don’t I?’

After dinner, went to a pub near by, had a few drinks and then we went our separate ways. Apart from all the catching up we did, it didn’t feel like I had been almost 3years since we had last seen each other.

After this it’ll probably be a few more years (if even that) before we see each other again.